Friday, June 4, 2010


Today I began what was to be one of the most intimidating adventures ever. I have experienced preschool before and was utterly terrified! Okay may more frustrated. I cannot stand chaos...period! It seems like a distraction, no wait a disaster to learning. But somehow it seems to be everywhere. Classroom management has caused me to become OCD. I want to make sure that everything is perfect and that all the students are finding a way to learn. It doesn't have to be the same, just doing something productive.

I digress...

Anyway, I walked into the classroom and it was...BEAUTIFUL! Everyting had a spot and the students were so well behaved. Why? because of classroom management. 

The students are adorable to say the least and I have fallen in love with each of them. I will greatly miss my kindergartners, but this will keep my mind preoccupied so I'm not crying all day in how truly amazing those kinders were.

Well keep reading for more adventures in preschool, because I'm sure there will be more.

Did I mention I had to cleanup vomit today? Ahh..preschool...hooray?!

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