Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I have been really focusing lately on thanks. And it has really changed my perspective on life. Why not give thanks everyday. and not just be thankful, but live as if it is reflective in my life.

This week I have conquered several classes at the gym. Prepared for the 10k tomorrow and baked and canned.

Cookies: Persimmon; Gluten-Free Peanut Butter; Madelines;
Pancakes: Banana Walnut
Muffins: Pumpkin Cream Cheese
Canned: Persimmon Freezer Jam; Fresh Peach Jam

I really wanted to make Chocolate chip, but I'm out of butter....

Have a happy thanksgiving and live a life of thanks!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

currently updating my calendar with more races. I think I'm down to about 1 a month...

Monday, November 1, 2010


VOTE tomorrow!

I’ve decided to dedicate my miles to everyone who votes and posts on this blog! So please vote tomorrow!!
Not everyone has the right to vote.
Some have fought for a long time for this right.
And some of us, don’t vote and complain about the problems.
Just vote!! It does make a difference!!

The many faces of me

The many faces of me!

Today I have been pondering about things that I would like to do before 25:
1. be more patient
2. do more for others
3. run a half-marathon
4. run a marathon
5. take a trip outside of California
6. learn to cook Thai cuisine
7. bake more
8. have a garden that was bigger than this year
9. make more time for people
10. do something out of character (I'm not very spontaneous)
11. get a teaching job (that one is out of my control)
12. beat my running scores
13. host a few more parties
14. take more walks with the hubby
15. get better at cleaning
16. write a short story (or finish)
17. paint 3 canvases
18. enjoy the skin i'm in (is that Dove's commercial?)
19. do more thoughtful things for Steven
20. sew more
21. make a quilt
22. create a creative outlet that results in some extra moolah :)
23. encourage my family and friends to go to church with me
24. give back to my community and volunteer at William Jessup
25. ????

I'm gonna give it a day or two to figure out the last one!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!