Friday, January 31, 2014

FItness Friday: Welcome February

Welcome to Fitness Friday!

I've been incorporating more planks into my daily routine. I LOVE planks! They are by far one of my favorite fitness moves. Even though holding a plank, can be just as brutal as giving birth, its so versatile too. Side Plank, Plank Dips, Forearm Plank, Plank Jacks....the list truly goes on! They are also so simple and they travel lightly :).

The weather has still be warm in California. Although we got some rain and snowfall, we are far from what we will need. Bikini season won't be fun on a sand valley with a few wet puddles. 
I went for a run yesterday morning hoping I'd catch a few raindrops, but no luck. At least it was wet on the ground.

Since beginning this task of marathon training, I've realized how much I truly love running. I lace up and get out their even if I don't want to. Because in the end I realize how muhc I lOVE it. I sort through so many problems and pray and try and get over my 'me-ness.' It is my therapy! I'm still wondering what marathon to sign up for. I am not looking for a fun race, but one that I can support a great cause. 

Saturday: 12 miles
Sunday: Sunrise Stretch
Monday: 5 mile run, Fine Toning by Tone It Up,  Set the Bar Workout
Tuesday: 7 mile run, 
Wednesday: 5 mile run
Thursday: 5 mile run; Love Your Body Kettlebell, Love Your Arms and Abs
Friday: 5 mile run

Remember this week to make healthy choices, but enjoy taking care or yourself!! 

What are you training for? Do you have any favorite fitness mantras?

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lilly's First Trip to the Zoo

Here are some pics from our day at the Sacramento Zoo.

Daddy and Lilly love!

Giraffes are Mommy's favorite.

 Ranger Lil

What does the fox say.

Come on 

Let's Go


Pb and Jelly

 We had a lot of fun!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Fitness Friday

Welcome to

Marathon training has become quite the job. It is becoming difficult to get in some of my longer runs. I'm able to get some done in the morning, but most of the time I have to do it after school. Occasionally, I am able to get one or two in during lunch. I really want to be able to accomplish this before having our next one. I completed a half marathon prior to having Lilly and feel like this is the next challenge for me. 

Although I am still looking for a marathon to sign up for. 

On another note, I am looking into somehow doing something more in my fitness life. I would love to one day own a gym. I'm currently working on creating a few running groups for some runs that I am involved in. I'm using this as a baseline to see how training and organizing goes. It would be AWESOME to be a some sort of mommy fitness guru. Is there a certification for that?!

Saturday: 10 miles
Sunday: Sunrise Stretch, Yoga by Sadie Nardini, 2.10 minute plank
Monday: 5 mile run, Fine Toning by Tone It Up, 2.15 min plank
Tuesday: 7 mile run, Arms
Wednesday: 6 mile run
Thursday: HIIT the Beach by Tone It Up, Sunkissed Abs, 2.30 min plank
Friday: 5 mile run, 2.35 min plank, Beach Barre

I also finished my no added sugar this week. It was difficult at first and then wasn't too bad. Although I've eaten quite a bit of sugar since, I will say that I still feel icky when I eat that stuff. So I'm still watching the sugar intake because I know that it not only is BAD  for you but it also makes me feel sluggish. 

Do you have a sweet tooth?

Come share your fitness and running posts with me!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Motherhood and Sleep Part 2

Since Lilly's trip to the ER, sleep has been different in our house. The week after I was so scared to have her sleep away from me, we had her sleep in our bed. Luckily she is not too much of a mover. After a week, we tried to transition her to her bed. However, it was unsuccessful. She screamed and hollered. It just wasn't worth it and I felt like maybe I underestimated how traumatic the experience was.

So bedtime has made quite an adjustment. And although it takes a lot longer for her to fall asleep, I find myself laughing and having happy tears while she falls asleep.

This is Lilly's method to falling asleep:
She rolls around on the bed.
Asks for a leg massage.
Asks for water
Sits on my head
Rolls around on my face
Repeat the above
Rests her head on my shoulder and finds a comfortable position and falls asleep.

She is a serious massage addict, but I don't mind giving her chunky thighs a good rubbing. It's definitely not what I anticipated at 20 months, but mommyhood sure keeps me on my toes.

How and where does your little one sleep?

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Recipe: Sweet Potato Chips

Last night I decided to switch from the planned sweet potato fries to sweet potato chips. I will say that I probably needed to cook them longer, but they were very yummy anyway.
4 small sweet potatoes (I think I used yams)
A few good grinds of Himilayan Sea Salt and Pepper
Preheat oven to 400. Peel sweet potatoes. Slice potatoes so you are creating disk like slices. You can also use a mandolin for this as well. Place sweet potatoes in large Ziploc bag with EVOO, Sat and pepper. Make sure all are coated. Set aside until ready.
When ready, place sweet potatoes in a single layer on a cooking sheet. Place in oven for 30 minutes checking after 20 minutes. 

I place mine in for 25 minutes and although they were cooked, they were quite crispy.


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