Thursday, February 23, 2012

Life: Daily Run

Today's Run: 6.15 miles 
Time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Here is some inspiration to get fit today!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life: ROCKID project

After jumping straight onto the Pinterest wagon (and dragging everyone with me), I found this cradle/chair rocker and was instantly in love. I talked about it often and became borderline obsessed.

Little did I know that my dad would be inspired to create one for me. He wanted me to find plans for this unique creation and unfortunately we were unable to find it. It is made out of ONE piece of birch plywood. I still can't wrap my head around it. It was so much fun watching my dad create this one of a kind work of art. I love it so much and keep wanting to talk about it. After assembling this, my dad wanted to create more and sell them. We looked up how much the ROCKID cost...836 pounds. Thats 1600 dollars!!!!
We created this for way less. Although we still want to paint it and put cushions on the seat and cradle. But still, I think we will save about 1500 dollars. 

I love my dad and appreciate his hard work! 

Here is his masterpiece!

(the cutout heart is his signature. He also did that on my mom's fence)

Life: Fit Role Model-

As I was posting about my daily run/walk, I realized that I do have a fitness role model...

That's right. 
Hope Solo

Not only is she beautiful, but she gives 110% to every sport she is playing. She is an amazing athlete.

She was AH-mazing on 'dancing with the stars'

If you aren't interested in football you probably missed it. I was watching the annual celebrity football game. And who should appear and score a touchdown.

Hope Solo!

She is my role model because she is fit and kicks butt in everything!!

I love her!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life: Today's Run

4 miles in 61 minutes :)

Here is some motivation to get  you moving!!

So go on and get fit!

New Header

What do you think?

Life: Pregnancy Photos

This past Saturday, my sweet friend Stephanie took pictures of my growing Lilly Mae. We went to Loomis' High Hand Nursery and Blue Goose Produce. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect. Here are a few more to enjoy!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Life: Pregnancy Photo Teaser

Here is a few from our Saturday shoot! Thanks Stephanie!!

Life: Exercise

Finished a run/walk: 6.2 miles in 87 minutes :)

Get your exercise on!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life: This Week's To-do's

I get the luxury of having this week off of work (thank you dead presidents:))!
Here is my list of lovely to-do's

Read, Read, Read
My list of books: 
Love Wins (book club)
Finish reading Falling Together
Crooked Little Heart
Imperfect Birds

Walk and Run with Gus (every day)

Clean, Clean, Clean
Clean floors
Purge items and give to Goodwill

Enjoy time with Friends


Complete BTSA work/Grading

This week's weather is supposed to be lovely, so I can't wait to accomplish these and really work on taking photos with my camera. I need to experience some creativity.

What's on your to-do?

Pregnancy: Exercise and Self Image

I guess it is time that I begin accepting the changes that are happening to my body. After recently purchasing new makeup to hide what I think is my face getting chubbier, I had an allergic reaction. I bought new makeup because we were going to be getting our maternity pictures and I didn't want to look like I had 45 marshmallows in my mouth and was about ready to play 'Chubby Bunny'. I guess it was time that I learn to appreciate the miracle growing inside of me instead of trying to fix my insecurities that I have always had with my self image and learn to love myself for who I am and not what I look like. I am constantly trying to reassure myself of this, that I don't have to worry about what I look like and to just be happy that I am healthy. But every now and then, that little devil creeps into my mind and convinces me that I am just not beautiful! Sometimes, I wish I lived in a different time or culture, where beauty didn't have a standard. But I know that the truth is, my human instinct is to feel insecure and 'not good enough'. I realized this today while I was on my walk with Gus and began running. I'm still able to run at 30 weeks!!! That is something to be excited about. I'm healthy enough to be able to run with the extra 20+ lbs I've gained. I can't run for long, but I can run! Some people don't have that luxury of being able to walk and I complain about my face looking too fat! That is just plain ridiculous. I know that I'll never get to the place where I am just content, but I at least hope to enjoy life and push that vain little devil out of my mind. It important that I continue to leave this one at God's feet and move on. I love the feeling of running and every time I run, I feel so great! As pregnancy continues its course, I want to be able to appreciate every moment of Lilly Mae's growth and not be concerned or angry that I don't look like that 'cute pregnant girl over there.'

I've disabled comments on this one because this is just me laying my feeling out and don't want any reader (someone out there :)) to feel like I'm fishing for a compliment.

Thanks for reading!!