Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Zoo, Easter, and Family

I've been struggling with getting this blog back up and running. But here is a bit of fun we've been having in the meantime:

Playdate with Friends

 The Zoo:

Easter Saturday with Family:


 Look at me!!

 Easter Sunday with Family:

Before the Hunt!

Hope you had a happy Easter!

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fitness Friday: Staying Fit and Holy

Happy Good Friday!
And GOOD it is! I've been a little MIA lately, due to my crazy schedule. School is ending and just like the end of every year, events get crammed into these last two months. It also seems most of my friends and family were born in April and May.

Since I'm off this week due to our Spring break, I've had a lot of time to catch up on my barre work. Although I'm not running as much as when I was training, but I am once again loving running for what it is. It's nice not to be training for something.

This week in fitness:

Monday: Tone It Up Love Your Body with HIIT, 1 hour at barre
Tuesday: 3.5 mile run, 2 hours at barre
Wednesday: Tone it Up Arms, Fine Toning
Thursday: 10k, 1 hour barre, 1 hour cardio barre
Friday: 1 hour barre and maybe a run?

Here are a few fun Easter Workouts:

What are your Easter traditions?
This is the first year that we discussed what we want our traditions to be with our kid(s). I've decided to forgo the massive church Easter Egg hunt. Probably due to my anxiety and what caused my competitiveness, I'd hate to thrust that upon Lilly. We will still do our family one, which I think is plenty. 

What are your plans for Easter?

Link up here:

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lilly Mae is a month away from...TWO!

Yikes. How did it slip up on us so fast. Another year has come and gone and our little Lilly Bug is toddling. No longer "a baby," (although she always will be to us) but a TWO-YEAR old.

Oh my sweet love, how blessed we are to have you. We pray daily for you and your faith. We pray for your health and growth. Lilly, may you shine your light bright and continue to make those around you smile!!

 Beginning to get frustrated when she can't communicate.
Saying a lot more words. Becoming more confident in her speaking.
Perfectionist tendencies.

 LOVES to be outside. 
Likes to be in the water.
Practices getting on her shoes and pants (even though some shirts she designates as pants)

 Enjoys the library and reading.
Still a huge Veggie Tale fan. 
Likes Toy Story and Monster Inc.

 More confident in her climbing. 
Likes to climb onto the toilet to flush it.

 Size 3T clothing
About 30 lbs.
No dairy (link to ezcema)

 Loves to see Daddy when he comes home. 
A helper.
Likes to shop.
Pretends to grocery shop by sticking canned goods in her stroller.
Still lets mommy do between 5-7 miles in the stroller.
Better sleeper.

One more month my sweets and we will be celebrating YOU!!!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Let's Hit the Barre

Since my new addition to the barre, I have never felt so strong. Yesterday I was able to do a few chin-ups! YES, not one, but a few (like THREE!!). I feel dainty, but toned. If you haven't had a chance to try the barre, you must!!

What is barre?
Barre is a fusion of mat pilates, yoga, and ballet- inspired sculpting moves. There are a lot of little movements that you are doing that are tremendously challenging. When you walk into a barre studio you will usually see a wall with mirrors along with a ballet bar attached to it. You may also see a variety of props (mats, balls,  hand weights, bands, etc).

I love barre clothing. If you checked the history on my computer, you'd find about 4-5 websites that I visit frequently on there. I've always been one to wear fitted shirts, even during pregnancy and post pregnancy, despite my lack-of-baby-but-ever-so-present bump. I know that is not the case for everyone, but barre clothing is very fitted. The purpose of this is so the instructor and your self can see the movements in your leg. It's easy to hid a bent leg in a loose fitting pant, which is why it isn't recommended.

Here are a few of my favorites, despite the price :)

Also socks!!! A crucial part of barre are socks that provide traction. Since you do a lot of planks, babalancing, and maybe a few tendus, you need socks that have grip. Here are a few cute ones. Also your barre studio may provide a pair for you for a small fee.

Can't get to the barre? Check out these following links for a great workout at home!

Hope that helps with what Barre is. I could post and pin barre clothing all day long.

What is your favorite barre pose? Least favorite?

Enjoy! See you at the Barre!

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