Friday, February 28, 2014

Fitness Friday: Long Distance Running

Happy Friday!
It's the last day in February. I know this month is short, but it really did go by super quickly. It's March already.

Today I decided that I would focus my post on long distance running. I still consider myself a novice to running. Its been almost 5 years, but I've not really gotten into the sport of running until recently. Prior to that it was more about competition and PRing every time I ran! Now I'm really working on that "push," that is needed in those long miles.

So far I've my longest mileage is 16, which is a big number, but then when I think a marathon is 10 more miles, I'm so discouraged. I unfortunately break a few rules when running.

1. I don't stretch as much as I should. I usually go for my runs at about 5 in the morning and getting out of bed is a task, much less stretching. This is something I know I need to work on.

2. I run without water. It's a bad habit that I can't shake. I've always trained without water, but I know I that isn't the best. Staying hydrated is especially important in the long miles. I haven't yet figured out how to run and hold water. I think I'd just rather stop and get a drink at a high school or something.

3. I don't wear shades and sunscreen. much as I hate to admit this it's so true. I lather up my little one and try and keep her shaded, but I lack the energy to do it myself (ha energy, and here I am talking about running long distance:). I am currently in search of a good sunscreen that won't just be like rubbing a bunch of chemicals into my skin to "prevent skin cancer."

So there you go. I confess, I'm a loser when it comes to proper care when running. My goal this week is to do better. Luckily it will be raining most of my runs so I still have a bit of time to find my pure sunscreen.

What running/workout rules do you break?

This week in fitness:
Saturday: 2 mile run, 1 hour barre class
Sunday: 13.1 run on my own
Monday: Set the Bar (Tone IT UP BEach Babe Workout DVD) and Kettlebells With Katrina
Tuesday: Karena's Holiday Arm routine (3x) a little cardio yoga.
Wednesday: 6 mile run
Thursday: Beach Barre ((Tone IT UP BEach Babe Workout DVD) and A few youtube Barre workouts:

Friday: 5 mile run, some more barre or yoga!

I'm so excited about completing a marathon. Although it is discouraging at times. I just created a 26.2 route that gives homage to my start and training in running. I couldn't find any local races that were marathon length, so I just made my own and am hoping others will come cheer me on. I hope that's not too weird?! :)

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book Review: Fin and Lady

If I haven't said it enough, I love the library. I am such a book nerd. When do I have time for all this reading and running?! Early mornings and late evenings, I suppose. I used to be such a book lover that I'd spend most of my money on books instead of clothes or fun trips. I just couldn't get enough. But I realized that most of those books just sat on a shelf. So to the library I went, which has become even more fun as our library offers children's programs. Lil has so much fun at them.

So usually when I look for a new book, I go online and search there "New to Collection" section. I have to wait a few weeks for books to come in, as they are so popular. 

That is how I stumbled upon Fin and Lady.

This book was wonderful to read. I love books that focus on relationships. Fin and Lady was a relationship that is so unique, I was constantly trying to make sense of it through the book. Both characters, though they are very different, are colorful and likeable. 
A great thing about this book is that it goes through the historical periods of the 50-70's. Its as though you are watching a film. Schine does a great job of descriptive language and creating dynamic characters with an emotional plot. 
Tears were shed. And I may have laughed a few times too.

A wonderful read and quick too.

I gave this book 4 out 5 hearts.

Check this book out along with others from your local library!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recipe: Yummy Raw Perfect Fit Cookies...They're Gluten Free too

I wanted to share a recipe that I have really enjoyed. Not only is quick and yummy, but its also healthier. I found this recipe on Tone It Up. They have wonderful workouts, but also great healthy recipes.
This is their Interception cookie and it is yummy. It definitely has a different texture. And it tastes healthy, but if a 16 year old went back for seconds and thirds...they can't be that bad.
Since my recent dive into health, I try REALLY hard to stay away from sugar. Its not easy and I'm not by any means 100% successful. I usually do try and stay away from candy and stick to dark chocolate.

Here is the original recipe followed by my adaption:

Interception Cookie
A fun twist on your 3 Ingredient Cookie!
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 scoop of Chocolate or Vanilla Perfect Fit Protein
  • 1 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
  • 1/2 cup of carob chips
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 1 Tbsp of coconut oil
Preheat oven to 350° F.  Mix bananas, oats, coconut oil and salt in blender until smooth. Add coconut and carob chips to the mixture – you can leave it in the blender to keep dirty dishes to a minimum –  or just mix it in with a spoon. Drop the dough on your pre sprayed cookie sheet and lightly press down to flatten. This helps it bake better! Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden brown!

My adaptation:
2 ripe bananas
1 heaping scoop of peanut butter
1/4 cup dark chocolate chips (I use Ghiradelli 70%, so they are larger than regular choco chips)
1 cup rolled oats
Cook the same as above!


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Friday, February 21, 2014

Fitness Friday: Guess Where I am

Happy Friday!
Sorry I was gone last week. I really haven't been much of a blogger lately. I've been so busy with teaching, and training, and studying. Studying for what you ask?! I've decided to go ahead with the Group Fitness Certification and go in that direction of teaching. Of course this is only very part time and is more of an outlet for me than a "job." Although teaching isn't really a "job" for me either because I LOVE IT! I love my team and my school and my students!!

I decided to get certified for a few reasons. After having Lilly (almost 2 years ago, yikes) I talked and bonded with a few women who were looking to get healthy and back in shape. It eas so fun to encourage and hold each other accountable. I really do love encouraging and educating people about health and fitness. This really seems like the best of both worlds. I also am a fitness and health nut and love reading about the "new anti-oxidant" or "superfood." I love challenging and training myself.

So today I head over to California Family Fitness and get certified. I am both confident and nervous. I know I've studied hard to pass the test and worked on my routine (several times). But I just don't know exactly what to expect. That is hard for let go and just do it!

Have you been AFAA certified?

Here was my week in fitness:
Saturday: 14 miles
Sunday: Yoga
Monday:4 miles, Arms and Abs
Tuesday: 8 miles, Yoga
Wednesday: REST
Thursday: 5 miles, Sunset Stretch on Beach Babe DVD by TOne It Up
Friday: REST (but I'm thinking I might do a little HIIT)

Welp, wish me luck! I'll give a full report in the next coming weeks. I won't find out for 4-6 weeks after the test. Boo!

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Lil is 21 Months

Oh Lilly Bug, how we have laughed and laughed this month. We sure see your personality and know that you are going to be such a helper and communicator in our family.

Milestones and other fun things this month:
Loves to read books
Likes to pray and say "Ahm" (Amen)
Can fold her hands
Beginning to run 
Beginning to jump with two feet on tramp (not mastered just yet)

Loves Mommy and Daddy to sing "Wheels on the Bus" and " This Little Light Of Mine"
Loves Veggie Tales and some Sesame Street songs
Discovered the deliciousness of Ranch Dressing and Chocolate

 Can point out animals in a book at random.
Beginning to copy words  and mimic a lot
Went potty in the toliet 4 times.

 Likes to pick out her clothes.
Loves playing in her kitchen
Loves to play in the fridge and cupboard and reorganize
Listens to directions
Sleeping back in her crib

 Says hi by waving, but when we say hello, she pretends to hold a phone to her ear

 Knows all her facial features (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, cheek, teeth, head, hair)
Likes to be chased.

 Has a funny, quirky walk. Looks like she'll inherit my waddle.

 Holds our hand when she wants us to follow her and will keep checking to make sure we are following her.
Loves her Gus-Gus (sometimes too much)
Loves to fold her laundry (take it out and spread it about the house)
Likes to lay on her back and tummy in the tub.
Loves to be outside
Is an explorer
Can climb a ladder.
Sidewalks are like beams to her.
Loves the stairs. 

Lilly, you are such a blessing. Each day we are reminded of the true gift of love. You brightedn our days and sweeten our evenings with giggles. Thank you for every kiss and cuddle. We love you so much!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Fitness Fridays: There's Rain!!!

Welcome to Fitness Friday!!

Finally there is rain in California. I never thought I'd be begging for rain. I'm so glad it is here!! Let it pour!! Which is going to make my marathon training a little more challenging. But who doesn't like to run in the's so freeing!!

Have you ran in the rain? How far did you go? 

I think my longest run so far was probably somewhere around 5 miles. Saturday is my long run day...we shall see if I can conquer the elements and just do it!'

My week in fitness:

Saturday: 14 miles in the chilly weather
Sunday: 1 mile jog with family
Monday: 5 mile run, Fine toning
Tuesday: 7 mile run with farklets
Wednesday: 6 mile run with the lil one
Thursday: HIIT with the Tone it Up gals
Friday: 5 mile run, 

I'm still planking it out!! I love planks they are so good for you!! I may even love them more than coffee, maybe :).

I've also been dreaming about becoming group fitness certified. I'm just struggling with the accepting the unknown, the what ifs. I am definitely a visionary, but lack confidence in myself that I can conquer them. I feel as if I am teetering on the fence of whether I can or cannot do it.

How do you conquer your dreams? Or are they always dreams?

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Workout Inspiration Wednesday: Katrina and Karena from Tone It Up

Today I wanted to share one of my workout icons: Katrina and Karena from Tone it Up. If you haven't heard of them, they are fitness gurus and gorgeous girls who have conquered the health and fitness world, by inspiring and encouraging millions of women.

They recently just aired their show "Toned Up" on Bravo. It shows the behind scenes of their  company, the filming of their Beach Babe DVDs, and the quirkiness that comes with having a best friend. 

I discovered these ladies recently after having my little one, when I was unable to go to the gym and was confined to my house most of the time. These ladies gave much more than a toned tummy, but also to appreciate my body and take care of it.

I've provided some of my favorite videos below. There is so much more than just fintess videos. They have challenges, PerfectFit Protein (which is delicious), weekly schedules, and healthy recipes.

Please check out these lovely ladies. Their season premiere airs tomorrow on Bravo!!
Who are your fitness icons?
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Our Day Trip to the Zoo

We recently took a trip to our nearby Zoo sanctuary and had a blast. Bears were by far the favorite!

 Loved the peacocks.

What animals are your favorites?

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