Saturday, May 31, 2014

Meal Planning Once Again

Meal Planning

Last year I was very diligent about meal planning. I scoured Pinterest and was on a mission to find meals for our family that were affordable and clean. Once school started and I went back to teaching, I just didn't have the time. We used Emeals for about 7 months, which helped me out a lot. I love this service, it takes all the thinking out, now if they could only come to my house and actually prepare my meals. 

Now that summer has come, I will have more time to pour over Pinterest again, hoping to make myself into a chef. :)

So here we go. We've budgeted this month and here is my plan all ready to go:

Meal Ideas

Bean and Cheese burritos
Panko Chicken
Baked Potatoes
Breakfast for Dinner
Chicken Alfredo

I've interspersed these throughout the month, duplicating many. I've tried many meals this past year and have began to find which ones work for our family and which don't. I've also kept in mind which meals have similar ingredients. This should make it more streamlined when it come to making meals. I have also learned to make my own pizza dough, which I feels saves me much time. I'm able to get 2 doughs out of one recipe.

So do does your family do it? Do you eat out once a week? What is your family favorite?

I can't wait to see if this really works. I'll be needing some ideas in case these ones become duds :).

Happy Meal Planning!!

P.S. I will also be posting some recipes this coming month, so stay

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Diagnosis: Epilepsy

This post has been a long time coming. I've hesitated to write, probably mostly out of denial. I just wanted to share our experience in hopes that it may help, enlighten, and unburden me and others. At the beginning of the year we experience our first seizure with Lil. You can read more bout it here. What was diagnosed as a febrile seizure (even though she didn't have a fever) I was able to cope and hope that that was our first and last experience with them. 

Unfortunately...that hasn't been the case.

Almost 4 months later she had another one with my husband. He didn't experience the first one, so it was quite a shocker. After seeing our doctor, we were sent to a specialist. He ordered an EEG and an MRI. Two weeks later, she had another. We saw the specialist and he put her on medicine (a generic of Keppra) and diagnosed with Epilepsy. This diagnosis, though scary, is a broad one. Any child who has experience more than 1 seizure has epilepsy. Somehow I find comfort in this.  

Her EEG was that following week and luckily it turned out normal. All praises to GOD!!

And then another one this morning.

Although it is frustrating and at some points completely overwhelming. I have to keep perspective in place. Our sweet girl is healthy, vibrant, and such a love. It is easy to get caught up in the "diagnosis" of it all and become boggled down by the appointments and such. I'm so grateful for her health. We continue to pray over her and trust in God's protection and love. Its so easy for me to forget to be thankful for health. It's those simple things I'm reminded of that makes me remember how lucky I am. Though this diagnosis now places a label on our family, I vow to not let it weigh us down. 

My sweet little one is more than I could have asked for. Her love and temperament is sweeter than honey and her laugh is more joyous than Christmas Day. It is in these things I know that she will overcome. And that brings me much comfort.

I also just want to share a bit of information that can be helpful if this ever happens:
1. A visit to the ER is under your discretion. I believe that our two trips were very important for our well being and kept me more at ease knowing she was getting looked at. The following two seizures we did not take her to the ER because her recovery was normal.

2. It is common for children to experience "staring spells." The child with be awake but limp, possibly foaming at the mouth. MONITOR THEIR BREATHING!! We typically take Lil to a comfortable position, talk and encourage her in a soothing voice and check her breathing. It can sometimes take a few minutes for them to come back. During this time they may be listless, have a labored breath, not blink.

3. After a seizure, it is very common for them to fall asleep. This is encouraged. We find that when she went to the ER she was much more fussy because she was being poked and prodded. 

4. Seizures are common and mostly go undiagnosed. 

5. Track your child's seizures and what was going on. I will be doing this soon. It is a great record in the event it is needed.

Thank you for reading and please share with anyone who may have experienced this. I would love to chat :)

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Fitness Friday: 20x31 week 4

I'm a little late getting this up, better late than never. This week was well needed. I got a lot more runs in and the weather was beautiful. It's just now heating up. I really would love to integrate more swimming in. 
JVKom Chronicles
I'm really enjoying teaching at barre. It's so fun to challenge people and be a part if their fitness journey!!

Here was my week:
Saturday: barre, Toning workout (30min)
Sunday: barre, 4 mile family run
Monday: 4 mile run, bikini arms, itty bitty bikini, #pilatessummerseries
Tuesday: barre, #pilatessummerseries
Wednesday: 5 mile run, Total Bikini Body 2, Bikini booty, #pilatessummerseries
Thursday: Sunkissed Abs, Bikini Arms, 4 mile run, #pilatessummerseries
Friday: kettlebells with Katrina, killer legs with Kettlebells, take me to the sea workout, and #pilatessummerseries. 

How was your week in fitness?

QOTD: what's your favorite summer fruit?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fitness Friday: #20x31 Week 3

This weekend was a doozy. We were in L.A. for  a graduation and I was barely able to get in 20 minutes of exercise. But I did it!! I made up for it this week though :)

JVKom Chronicles

Saturday: 20 minutes of barre
Sunday: XHIT videos
Monday: #pilatessummerseries with The Balanced Life,
Tuesday: #pilatessummerseries with The Balanced Life, Sunset Routine, 7.8 total miles with stroller
Wednesday: #pilatessummerseries with The Balanced Life, 2 mile run,
Thursday: #pilatessummerseries with The Balanced Life, 6 mile total run, 1 hour barre
Friday: #pilatessummerseries with The Balanced Life, 3 mile run, barre or toning

How do you stay fit when you travel?

I usually get up early, but lately it has been a struggle as our little one is sleeping with us :).

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Fitness Friday: Week 2 #20x31

Happy Friday!!

Hooray! It's the weekend and we are headed to Los Angeles for my brother in law graduation. A little nervous as this will be the longest trip with Lil bug. Wish us luck!

Yesterday I got surprised with a shopping trip to Forever 21 to pick out some awesome fitness wear. Here's what I rounded up!

I love getting new clothes, especially workout clothes. It gives me more incentive to workout :).

Here was my week in fitness:
Saturday: 1 Hour Barre
Sunday: 1 hour barre
Monday: 7 mile run; Tone It Up The Best Ab workout
Tuesday: Taught Barre and went to class, Tone It Up Bikini Booty,
Wednesday: 3.5 miles, Tone it Up LYB Arms and Abs, and Tone It Up Surfer's Paradise
Thursday: HIIT the Beach 2, Sunset Stretch, 1 hour Full Barre
Friday: Fine Toning and Run (scheduled)

It will be hard for me to go with the flow this weekend if I don't get in some workout. My plan is to wake up early and get in some barre routines prior to the rest of the crew waking up.

Any tips for working out in a hotel with a time crunch?!

Come link up with Jen and the Lovely Ladies:
JVKom Chronicles

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lil Bug is TWO!

Sweet Lilly Girl, We are so blessed to be a part of your life. You are truly a joy. You always make us smile and your snuggles are the best. We continue to pray for your health and well being each day and that you will grow to love God.

 Very chatty; saying more words each day
Becoming more confident
Cautious of others
Loves her baby and any Veggie tales stuffie
Introducing dairy back in.
Gets upset if we pass the street to turn onto for Mimi's and Papa's as well as the park
Good at cleaning up; likes to use a napkin to clean herself and her tray up
A few tantrums have emerged  :)
Likes to play outside

 Still like to go for runs
Likes to watch Monsters Inc and Toy Story 3
Asks about Daddy a lot
Understands what a circle is
Can go up and down stairs unassisted; although she'd rather not
Still takes naps
Like to play pretend in her kitchen

 Enjoys dumping out her blocks and putting them back in through the sape sorter
Likes to dress herself (mostly putting shirts and shorts over her clothes)
Is sensitive to some materials or is picky about her clothes (not sure which :)
Likes to listen to 'Let It Go' and 'In Summer'
Likes to be the director
Interacts with adults more than kids
When asked will say she is "two."

 Can jump on tramp with two feet: April 24th
Can match letters on the Endless Alphabet app
Wearing size 3t
31 lbs
size 6 shoe

Another seizure: April 27th; undiagnosed

You are a special little girl Lilly and have blessed our lives tremendously!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A VeggieTales Party: Two Year Old Edition

Hooray! Lil Bug is TWO! This year we decided to chose the theme VeggieTales because of her love for Larry and Bob. She is constantly asking to watch videos and is capable of finding youtube vidos on my phone. So naturally Veggie Tales was the choice.

Looking at Pinterest, there was so much to do. Last year I started in January planning, bceause I knew I wouldn't have enough time. This year I wasn't so lucky, but I also wasn't stressed for time.

We created a balloon banner with different color balloons and drew Veggie Tale faces on them.

We made a banner to hang above where the presents went.

See the missing P?!

I made labels for the food: Veggies and Ranch cups, Annie's Bunnies, Pirate's Booty, Veggie Straws, Cinnamon Apple Straws. We also had Chips and Salsa. For dessert we had Prncess Poppyseed Cake and Banana Crunch Muffins.

Lilly directed everyone to their seats.

Lilly and her buddies

Happy Birthday to you!!

Munching on her Muffin.

Present time!

I drew some Veggie Tales on the concrete outside where most of the party took place.

We played Veggie Tales songs and the kids went home with a Veggie Twist pouch.

It was a super fun party and I was pleased with the results.

Happy Birthday Sweet girl! We enjoyed celebrating you so much!! To another year!!

Happy Birthday Lilly Bug!!

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