Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Take Out Tuesday: Skinnytaste Lasagna Rollups

It’s Takeout Tuesday! Here is a deliciously simple recipe…and guess what, it’s a pasta dish?! Who knew that all the new recipes I’d be stumbling upon would be pasta. Oh well. It sure is yummy.

I found this recipe at Skinnytaste.com


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Monday, September 29, 2014

Purposeful play With your Toddler: Fall

Hooray!! Fall is here. And we even got some rain this week!!

This theme is a little general, as the next few weeks we will talk about spiders, apples, pumpkins, and Halloween. We already went through trees, which was helpful as now L knows what leaves are. 

Here are a few activities we did:

Below I cut out matching peices to this story called Windblown. Super cute!!

Here are the books we read:

We also made some peach cobbler. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Fitness Friday

Happy Fitness Friday!

It has been a busy week! We’ve been everywhere it seems. Yesterday we spent the day enjoying the morning rain and watching Veggie Tales in our jimmies (jammmies for her, workout clothes for me).  September is almost over!! How have you been sweating?

Monday: Boxing Yoga, Killer Legs with Katrina from Tone It Up, and 8 mile total run
Tuesday: 2 rounds of Hump Day HIIT from Tone It Up, Tone It Up Foam Roll
Wednesday: 7 mile total run and Tone it Up arms and Abs
Thursday: 3 mile walk
Friday: 4 mile run with dog, Total body workout

This Sunday is Active Day with Lorna Jane!! Follow her on Instagram and post how you were active!! Don’t forget to download their sweet app.

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Monday, September 22, 2014

Interval Run on the Treadmill

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My in-laws recently got an awesome new treadmill. I’m not a treadie. I struggle with pacing myself. I always go about 1-2 minutes slower on the treadmill. This is a reason I hate it. I feel like it hinders me. But when in doubt, who cares what my pace is. So I wanted to give this new thing a go. Little Miss was talking a nap so I tried to give it a go. Once I got it turned on (The master switch was off J. I thought this thing is AMAZING!!

There is a Fat burn area where you can have Jillian Michaels lead you through an interval run. You can choose workouts to do, focus on speed, but my favorite was you can run anywhere in the world.
What do I mean by this, well you can select a route anywhere you want (they have preprogrammed ones) and as you are running you will see a first person view of the route. This definitely made the run more fun! I will say I may be leaning toward enjoying the treadmill with that awesome feature. I chose to run by the Monterey Coast, which has a range of -3 -3 incline. I chose add some intervals. Here is what I did.
*WARNING*** This is pretty brutal**

 Warm-up 1 mile
5.0-6.0 mph
2 minutes
5.5-6.5 mph
4 minutes
6.5-7.5 mph
1 minute
8.0-9.0 mph
Repeat as much as desired
 I did 5 miles, which after the warm-up that was about 7 rounds.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Purposeful Play With Your Toddler Part 6: Pirates

ARRRGH, Matey!!

This week we talked about pirates. Yesterday was National Talk Like a Pirate Day. I don't remember which movie it was that reference it, but I remembered it when I was planning theme weeks. And as a bonus Krispy Kreme was handing out doughnuts for those who dressed up. So sure enough we participated.

Here were some activities that we did:

Here are some books we read:

 We also watched The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie

Next week we are talking about Fall/Autumn

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Fitness Friday

Happy Fitness Friday!!

It’s National Talk Like a Pirate Day!!

And although we usually eat pretty healthy at our house, we will be visiting Krispy Kreme in full pirate attire to claim our free dozen doughnuts.

How was your week in fitness?
Anything new that you’ve tried?

I’m really enjoying this cooler weather (lower 90s) that’s starting to make its way onto the forecast. Although it is accompanied with lots of humidity, I can start to feel the fall weather coming.

Saturday: 6.2 mile run, Barre
Sunday: REST
Monday:Stroller and Park Workout, Lululemon Yoga, Bikini Arms, 6.7 mile total run, Barre

Tuesday: Core Pilates NYC Ball workout

Wednesday:3 rounds of Tone IT Up Thailand Tush, and Sweaty Betty Yoga, 7 total mile run

Thursday: Tone It Up Hump Day HIIT, Bikini Abs x2 and LYB Abs with Karena x2

Friday: Run and Total Body

What are your favorite running shoes?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My 4 AM Wake Up Call

I don’t know if you are an early bird, but I sure am. The past few weeks I’ve made the decision to wake up around 4:30am. Some mornings are better than others. I know 4AM, ARE  YOU CRAZY?! Yes, I probably as ridiculously crazy. But I’ll tell you my reasoning for this choice.

  1. I am able to wake up slowly without feeling rushed. I only work early on Tuesdays, but I was beginning to hate the feeling of hear Little Miss over the monitor crying, but I panic and then feel sluggish all day long.
  2. I am able to get in my me time. This is such a bonus for me. Most days I would wait until naptime to get my workouts in, or maybe get to my daily Bible reading. But now, I start my day with reading the Bible, my cup of coffee and workout. 
  3. My days, I feel more energy and am able to get more done. I’ve been working on not workouts out TOO much lately, and so I’ve been trying to use naptime to get in my housework or some reading to just take some slow down time. I am always going. It may be the fact that I feel guilty if I’m not being proactive and doing something productive. So this 4 am wake up call is selfish. Its time for me to begin slowing down and set my day up.
  4. I feel like a better person. I’m going to bed earlier, when I’m tired and not feeling restless at night and my body is beginning to wake up around 4 am naturally. I don’t know how that is natural, but I’m still getting 6.5 hours of sleep. Sometimes, like today I will probably need a cat nap because I’ll be running a bit more today. That seems to be a little taxing on my body.

So how do you fit it all in? 
Do you make time to have some ‘me’ time? 
Are you a morning bird or night owl?

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