Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lilly Love and Week Recap

My little baby is becoming such a chunckster!!

Here are some photos of last week's adventures!

Tuesday we met some friend's from our meetup group and did a nice walk. We then went to the Farmer's Market!! Such delicious food!

Happy baby!

Lilly loves her hand!

We went to a bow party at a friends house and bought a couple of new bows for Lilly!

What a week!!!

How was your week?

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Bathing Suits and Fitness Clothes

I'm not sure if it is just the gorgeous women in these clothes...but aren't these bathing suits divine?

These fitness outfits make me wanna workout? Adorbs

These are just a few gorgeous things from ShabbyApple. Pop on by there is plenty more.

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Pinning!! Homemaking

Here are some of my recent pins: I love being a SAHM, just wish I could accomplish all of this:

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

This Week's Fitness

I've been thinking about doing a blog hop about everyone's week in fitness....

Here goes mine!

Monday: 3 mile walk
Tuesday: 4 mile run; 3 mile walk
Wednesday: 2.25 mile run
Thursday: 40 minute Skinnygirl yoga, 5 min Booty Blast 2x; only 20 minutes of Jillian's YogaMeltdown
Friday:2.25 mile run; 2.8 mile walk, 25 minute yoga, 1.5 mile walk/jog
Saturday: 40 minute Skinnygirl Yoga; 5 minute Booty Blast
Sunday: 5.22 mile run!!!

Hope you had a great week!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Coffee Date

I missed it last week. And that was sad. I love coffee dates. Best part of my week. Okay because I still can't figure out my mike on this comp. I'm gonna time myself for 30 seconds and tell you about me.



It's 5 am and I am awake.
I like being up this early because I can get a few things done.
I make my husbands coffee.....

That was 30 seconds.

Let's just start again...no timer

It's 5 am and I am awake.
I'm looking at my sleeping babe and her daddy!
Precious moments
I made my husband's coffee so he is set for work.
Being up this early is beautiful.
I love the peace and serenity.
Lilly was born in the morning and it is still a magical time to me.
Hubby's lunch is packed.
Snacks are packed for today's walk with friends.
I'm loving my new Meetup group. They are sweet sweet women.
I have been craving some female friendships that aren't shallow. 
Why is it that women have such a hard time with each other.
It's jealousy! and competititon!
I know I've felt less than before. I've played the competitive role before.
But it really  got me no where except further from the real me.
Why do we play this silly games?
It's sad to look back at so many relationships that have suffered over the years due to competition or jealousy.
My heart breaks. 
I've spent moments crying over friends that I've lost or have drifted away. 
Its sad.
Sad to see my little Lilly and know she will have to go through that one day.
Sad to know that she will never meet some of those girls I was friends with.

On a lighter note because I  can't end this way...you'll never go on a date with me again!?!

I'm excited for this weekend. We still have a lot to do on the house, but it will be a lot less. It will be great for hubs to get a bit of a rest.
I'm so excited to try out this church nearby.
I don't want to get any hopes up...
but I am very excited.

Thanks for letting me spill my heart....in more than 30 seconds :)

See you next week?

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Friday Letters and Flashback Friday

Here are my Friday Letters:

Dear Hubby: You are INCREDIBLE!!! You work so hard to provide for you family and we are truly greatful!! I am so impressed by your hard work and I hope that this weekend will offer a little more rest than the last few. I'm so inspired by you! You are an amazing father and a wonderful husband. Truly, I am blessed.

Dear Lilly Mae: I love love love you! You are so stinkin' cute. This week you have been lovin' on your hands and it makes my heart melt. I love that you are now laughing (it is so precious, I hope to get a video up soon). I love when you crack up!! Thank you for making my life complete! I love you dearly! I hope that when you grow up you will treasure Christ as much as I do, and keep true to his teachings. I pray that you will establish true friendships and I fear the pain that may come with those. I know that you will grow into a beautiful woman and I am honored to be a part of that experience.

Dear God: Thank you for another great week. Thank you for my new friends! I am so excited to begin a new relationship with these women! Thank you for my health and that i am able to run and exercise! Thank you for my family!!

Dear Library: I still enjoy ya' This week we visited you for a music and nursery rhyme time. It was fun. I will see you again when it returns in September.

Dear Readers: Thank you for being patient with me. I am learning this whole blogging experience and sometimes I am thrilled by it and sometimes it is overwhelming.

Dear Front Yard: I can't wait to get my hands on you!!! 

Flashback Friday

I made this last fall when I was inspired by Giada on the Food Network.
I was reminded of this recipe while shopping at the Farmer's Market this week with some friends. Oh how I love farmer's markets!!

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Checkin' In

Today I'm over at Eloping Stethoscope. Check out my rules for dating :) Here is a few pictures of Lilly to keep you smilin'

See you tomorrow!
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