Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just our happy baby

Just our little one laughing at me doing burpees!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Goodbye more sponsor

Before September leaves us. I just wanted to give a little sponsor love to Lauren at Tennessee Honey.
This is Lauren!
We are kindred spirits. She is working on becoming a teacher. I was a teacher. She is a momma (a great one). I just had my first. 
I love that she is from Tennessee and LOVES football.
I wish we were more passionate about our teams in NORCAL. (well, I guess Raider fans are.)
Here are some of my favorite posts from her site:
Go Big Orange-football post (I love her passion)
follow her here
Please stop by her cute blog and say hello, wish her a happy anniversary, and send her some love.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Coffee Date and Friday Letters

Well Good Morning....

here is how our week went
We had several lovely playdates this week with our mommy group. I love htose ladies!! It is such a relief to find friends, who are female and have babies. Just great. I would also like to mention that my She Reads Truth devotional has been way way WAY behind. I gotta get that done, not because I have too, but because I am anxious to read Galatians. A wonderful book.
I feel like October is coming quickly and will be leaving just as fast. Every weekend is already booked with trips, weddings, birthdays, baby showers. It's insane!! But glad to have some fun things on the calendar.
I can't wait till we can get Lilly her pumpkin!! Oh I am excited!!!
And her costume....shall I keep it a surprise?!
Well my coffee is getting cold...does that happen to anyone else.
Talk and talk and talk and then, you realize 'Man, my coffee is cold."
Well here is to the 100 degree weather that will be visiting me this weekend.

How is your cup of coffee? Is your October going to be busy?

And now for my letters.

Dear Hubby: Thank you for taking me out last night for dinner. Thank you for laughing at Modern Family. Your laugh always makes me want to join in. I am so glad we had a bit of extra time this week together, although it was because you were sick. I am SO STINKING PROUD that you were able to finish the TOUGH MUDDER. Not only finish accomplish every obstacle without falling or giving up. You are my hero and I'm so glad Lilly has you as her daddy.

Dear Lilly: Ummm. I just love you! You make me smile. I'm glad you have your two teeth now. But now all your pictures will show more evidence of you becoming a big girl. I bought you some cute clothes and am so excited to put you in them.!!! You are the sweetest baby and I am blessed. Truly blessed. to be your mama. I can't wait to read you your favorite story or cuddle with you and your stuffed animal. YOu are growing so quickly and I am proud of you. You are almost at sitting and crawling will only be weeks away.

Dear OUtlander the book: I am glad I found you (or was recommended to you). I feel like I haven't had a great book to read in a while.

Dear Body: Well Done. Well done. You accomplished a FIVE mile run under 50 minutes (45). I know you are sore and have worked hard. Thank you for letting me accomplish that goal.

Dear God: Well I just so lucky with what you have blessed me with. I am thankful for my health, friends, my husband, and Lilly. I'm thankful I can run and read and sip and enjoy coffee. Thank you!!

Dear Readers/Followers: Thank you for reading. I would love to get back into writing, as I have been inspired for a while to write a short novela, but I'd like to just get back into writing. :)

Thanks for stopping by Hurley Love. Have a great fall weekend.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When I'm Bored I Make Marinades

The other day I had some free time. I had recently bought a bag of lemons and a bag of limes. Well I knew that if I didn't do something with those...they would rot. and that would be a waste.
Here are a few that I created:

So I created a few:
Lemon, olive oil, rosemary
Coconut oil, lime, ginger
Soy Sauce, lime, ginger
Lime, cayenne pepper, olive oil (I will use chili powder next time...way too spicy.)

Then I labeled them and loaded them into the freezer. 
I figure this will be good for fall or one of those days when life gets too busy!!

Do you make marinades? What is your favorite?


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Review: Cinderella Ate My Daughter

So doesn't the title speak for enticing.

This is a wonderful book.
What I appreciate most about it is that the daughter plays devil's advocate. She desires that her daughter be able to find out how to be a girl on her own terms, without media and marketing shoving Pepto-Bismal toys in her face. To be able to be a lady, but not be confined to living in a tower as a princess.
It is really quite interesting. Why are so many girl toys pink? Doesn't it limita girl's choice on what her favorite color is?
One of my favorite parts of the book is about a little boy wearing barrettes to school. He gets teased for wearing them and being a girl. When his works are useless defense, he pulls down his pants to show he is a boy and he is met with the comment of " So, everyone has a penis." So apparently, barrettes make you a girl?!
This book is filled with thoughts on Bratz dolls, American Girl, Polly Pocket, Spice Girls and the ever so diverse Barbie.
I would definitely recommend this book to mommies of girls and even boys. It does briefly touch on how boys too are set up to play with certain toys. 

GREAT book!!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Pin it...Pin it good

Well its its time for my weekly pinning spree.
Well Guess what!!!???!!! I won at pinning this week!!! Hooray!
So really there is no rhyme or reason, but here is what I found interesting on Pinterest this past week:


Friday, September 21, 2012

Amy From Keepin' Up With the Smiths

 Today is a wonderful day! 
Because my girl at Keepin' Up with the Smith's is visiting. She is so precious and so is her adorable family. She is a great momma and has a beautiful heart. I met herthrough blogging and love her!!! I know you will too!

Hey there Hurley Love readers! I'm Amy from keepin' up with the Smith's. I'm so glad that I get to be joining you all today! Like Hannah, I'm a new Mom myself. Cash
 was born at the end of March & is the 
best thing to have ever happened to us!

I met Hannah through blogging & am absolutely so glad that I did! She has one of the cutest blogs {& baby} out there & is one of the sweetest bloggers I "know". {I do wish I knew her in real life!}

Since being a new Mom, I have so many great ideas thanks to Pinterest & traditions that I want to start with my family. With fall right around the corner, what better way to start these traditions than with a trip to the apple orchard. That will be the very first thing we cross off our fall bucket list.

After the hard work of picking all those apples, why not treat yourself by making caramel apples! Look at some of these great caramel apple bars. Perfect for a fall party {another great autumn tradition}.

As Cash gets older, each year will only get more & more fun. He will be able to understand & partake more in the traditions & festivities.

Another tradition that we are starting this year is getting our fall pictures taken. I love the rich colors of the leaves & adding people you love to such a beautiful setting only makes it better.

Another thing that I'm looking forward to, even more now that I'm a Mom, is going to the pumpkin patch & taking a hay ride to get there! Luckily for us, we live only a short distance from one. Once we find the perfect pumpkins, we will be off to carve & decorate them. Have you seen all the neat ways that people are carving & decorating their pumpkins? Thank you, Pinterest!

Now, this next tradition will obviously be for next year, but I can't wait to rake a huge leaf pile in the yard & just play. Tossing leaves up in the air, jumping in & out of the leaf pile of course with camera in hand!

I'm looking forward to these traditions plus so many others as we get into the Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays! What are some of your favorite fall traditions?

Thank you for letting me hang out with all of you today! I'd love to have you stop by keepin' up with the Smith's if you have the time. Hope to see you soon!

Til Next Time,

Isn't she so cute?! Her son Cash is going to be so blessed by his momma! Don't forget to visit her amazing blog Keepin' Up with the Smith's..

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Super September Sponsors

 Here our my lovely LOVELy September sponsors. It feels like September has come and almost gone. I've enjoyed the nice weather and lovely walks. Here are the wonderuful ladies that support my blog...they really are incredible.

Kerry From Oh So Amelia
Kerry is a new momma like me. Her baby Amelia is adorable and only a little bit older than Lilly. I love reading her blog. It is full of love and sweet writings about her baby girl. i love reading her posts.

Her favorite memory of school was: "Meeting my best friend who I've known for nearly 10 years now!" That is pretty incredible! Which makes me think of my dear friend Rose, who I met in elementary school!

Kelly From Houtz House Party:
I love Kelly dearly. She is blessed with a wonderful heart. She encourages me to be a great momma. I'm blessed to have 'met' her. You will truly be blessed by her blogging.

Kelly's favorite memory from school: "DEFINITELY participating in the high school musicals! I LOVED IT!"

Favorite School Memory: "My favorite school memory was when I was in the 3rd grade. My teacher Mrs. Willheight dressed up as her "wicked step sister" and came to school with a accent. She was so funny and came back to school the next day as her normal self. We all knew it was her but I will never forget how much fun the days were when she acted like she was someone else and tried to be strict and mean. She was so great."

Jen From Two-In-Diapers:
You should definitely check out Jen's blog. She has wonderful posts. I LOVE reading them. She is such a great momma with a sweet heart! Her kiddos are super adorable!

Her favorite thing about school: "Friends! I always loved the social aspect of school... sometimes TOO much! I was always a good kid and a good student, but the few times I ever got in trouble at school were for... you guessed it! Socializing too much. :)" I was the same way...maybe thats why I like this gal so much :)

Here is a girl after my own heart: Barefoot Hippie Girl.
Bernadette has a wonderful blog full of yummy treats. Many treats that are on my Got-to-Try list! Check out her blog, you won't be disappointed. It is full of yummy gems.

Her favorite memory from school is one that so describes my love of teaching: "I think one of my favorite school memories is the new box of crayons we were given every September. They were in perfect condition. No broken tips, no pulled back wrappers. Beautiful."
Anyone else LOVE new crayons. I sure do. New markers, fresh paper, clean ink.

Jen from Our love and Our Blessing
Twitter/Pinterest:/Vimeo:/ Hellocotton:/Bloglovin':
Her favorite memory of school: "My favorite memory of school are all of my college days. I loved my major (Biology) and I loved my sorority and our sisterhood. I wouldn't change a thing!"

Kaitlyn from Wifessionals
My new blogger friend. Umm total cuteness is what I tell myself everytime I see her. Adorable!!
I love her blog because it is full of newlywed love and lots of fun. I am looking forward to reading about her football posts!!

Her favorite memory of school is so cute: "I'm going with college:school...Tailgating! I LOVE football (:"

And here is Amy from Keepin' Up with the Smith's
She is my newest blogger buddy. She has a sweet baby boy named Cash! She is such a positive gal and a beautiful momma!!
Her blog is full of beautiful pics of her family and real, genuine posts!!
Her favorite memory from school is "There are lots of memories to choose from but one of my very favorites is when my tennis doubles partner & I won the Conference tournament our senior year of high school! We worked so hard that summer & season to reach our goals & am so proud that we were able to accomplish something."

Please also check out these blogs!!
Anne from The 3 Bees
Sarah from Fontenot Four
Katie from the Terpblog
Photobucket Photobucket

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pinning: Fall Foods

Today I am linking up with Baxtron Life and A Night Owl Blog
One of my favorite things about fall is the food. I love warm kitchens, cozy living rooms, and yummy treats. I'm hoping to make a few of these.

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest