Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Goals

Wow!! May is here! Baby turns ONE!! Hubby turns 27! And it's nearing SUMMER!!

April was filled with lots of newness and adjustment.

Learning to structure Lilly's schedule more.

I walked just about every day this month!!

Here are my goals for May:
Yoga every day (5 minutes, 10 minutes 1 hour)
Run 102 miles
Survive Lilly's birthday without tears ;)
Work on taking more pictures
Read my Bible everyday
Continue to Eat Clean
Cut back on caffeine (no coffee)
Juice 5x a week
Use microwave less

What are your goals this month?

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 20 fitness

Wow!! May is here!! My baby will be one this weekend!! Yikers!!!

Hope you all have had a lovely week. I've been trying to get out early and run but if I don't I do an interval in the evening.

Saturday: 6.2 miles with TIU Bikini cardio
Sunday: 6.5 miles
Monday: 5 miles with Biker Babes workout by TIU, 20 minutes yoga, 2.5 mile walk
Tuesday: 4 mile run with intervals, 5 miles walk, 10 minutes yoga
Wednesday: 20 minute yoga, Sunseeker workout and Sunkissed abs by TIU
Thursday: 15 Detox yoga, 9 mile run with some Burpees, squats and push-ups in between
Friday: (planned) yoga and walking.
I have also been doing a plank a day. We started May 1. Today's plank is 2.15 minutes.

You can do it!! We are already in may!! Fell behind in getting fit?! No worries!! Now you've got some motivation to go and run, jump, or jog!! Live life and love it too!!!

Have a gorgeous weekend, Gorgeous!!!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Week 19 fitness

I got a sweet gift this week from a favorite blogger...Mrs. Jen from Boys will be Boys!!

I Love. Love. LOVE it!! Don't you?!

All day I kept singing 'Drop it like a squat, Drop it like a squat."

This week was much better in terms of my workout routine. Are eating habits have been pretty good. I've been craving chocolate chip cookies though. A trip to the store is planned for today!!

Here is my fitness

Saturday: 4.7 mile walk/run
Sunday: 4 mile run for my friends mom, and a round of Tone it Up Slim without the Gym
Monday: ran to the store and back (2mile total), 49 minute yoga with Adrienne
Tuesday: 5.5 walk with a friend
Wednesday: 8 mile run with a friend using TIU Bikini Cardio
Thursday: yoga, TIU Bikini Strap workout, 4 mile walk
Friday: (planned) yoga, small walk

Hope everyone has a great week!! It will already be May!!

Do you have any goals for May?

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Book Review: Naturally Thin

If you've been tracking with this blog, you may have seen me rave about Bethenny Frankel.

I recently read Naturally Thin and learned quite a bit.

Here is my book review on A Place of Yes

And my post raving about her.
I love all her Skinnygirl products and she is definitely one of my favorite Housewife.

Back to the book...

This was a WONDERFUL read. I really learned a lot. I definitely need to change my thoughts about the way I view food.

Some of my favorite advice was:
1. Always sit down to eat.
2. Eat slowly and enjoy your food.
3. Offer some of your food to others.
4. When eating out, have the server prepackage half your meal. Portion size at restaurants are TOO big.

Its definitely a different type of diet book. She does give you a two week snapshot of what she eats to show you more visually what she talks about in her book. 
She doesn't endorse a certain diet, and is transparent about her unhealthy habits, but views eating healthy as a lifestyle. This is what I most appreciate.

I obviously won't eat like her as she is busy running a corporation, while I busy myself with running miles. 

I NEED more food.

I've learned to accept that and not be upset with not fitting the mold of a "Skinnygirl" because I have to consume more calories for keeping my energy up.

Thats some of the best advice that I learned is to retrain my brain. Bethenny really focuses on that in this book. I know I have unhealthy thoughts about food.
Spend too much time calorie counting, which she is against, and never truly enjoy my meals.

I have definitely made a change, but I could use some accountability.

I give this book 5 out of 5 hearts!!

Got any advice for retraining your brain with its approach to food?

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WOTY: intention

This year I wrote a post on being intentional. I had no idea that I would really be embracing the word.

I really wanted to focus more on my relationships and time management.

I can so easily make friends, it's the keeping them around part I struggle with. I sometimes think that everyone that I become friends with has to be my BESTEST friend ever. But the don't and that I am learning is okay too.

I wanted to work on making sure my time is well spent. Playing and teaching Lilly, cleaning and tidying house, reading and loving books, studying and growing on God's Word.

Those kind of things.

But I'm also learning about being intentional with money.

We began taking Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at a local church a few weeks ago.

Ummm...I STINKING love it!!!!

Ramsey is so funny and practical. The whole class is positive too.

It's empowering.

Where I once was lost when it came to 'our budget'. I know feel so successful.

Did Mention its only been a few weeks?

I am one to embrace change when it's coming and I feel like this is so important, especially handling what God has blessed us with.

I know that my mistakes with money (or the fact that I got a degree) aren't going to land me in heaven prison, but I can't help but think that I have earned a frown next to my name in the financial part of my like.

But there is always good news, there is grace.

I know God knows my heart and I am so excited to return what he has blessed us with.

I want to make a difference in his kingdom, maybe one day it will be financially ;) for someone.

Dave Ramsey mentioned that our finances should be witness to those who don't believe.

What would someone who doesn't believe in God think of how I manage money?

But I can't get to caught up in that, I must make a u-turn and press forward.

Keep us in your prayers!!

Have you taken Financial Peace University?
A financial class?

How did it go?

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fitness Week 17

Well, I think April is teaching me to slow down.

While I managed to get my walking in most days, I rested a bit more during this week because of my Achilles tendon.

I've been looking up stretches for helping heal my Achilles tendon, but none of them are stretching the sore part.

After about 20 minutes of walking and running, I don't feel the pain anymore. I'm hoping I don't further injure it, so I'm working more on toning and weights.

Sunday: 13.1 mile run with hills
Monday: 3 mile walk, 20 minute yoga
Tuesday: 25 minute yoga
Wednesday: 5 mile run/walk, 1 round of Holiday Arms by Tone It Up
Thursday: 2 mile walk, Tone It Up Sunkissed abs and Beach Bum Workout
Friday: 4.75 mile run/walk with my girlfriend, 3 rounds of Love Your Legs by Tone It Up

I'm hoping next week will be better:)

I'm loving this California weather as it is warming up. Its great to get in my runs in the morning...that is if I can wake up :)

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Book Review: Exactly As I Am

I found this book at the library while searching for health and Fitness books.

So I had them put it on hold.

I didn't realize it was by Shaun Robinson, whom I think is adorable. So what a surprise it was to read this book, Exactly As I Am.

This book is packed full of inspirational stories, not typically a book I'd read, but it was very motivating.

Since coming back from being pregnant and having a baby, I have become very passionate about health and exercise.

I mean what better time to begin eating well than while raising a child who will eventually adopt my same eating habits.

Although a lot of my reading is all over the place. Fat is good, fat is bad.

Anyway, this book reminded me of all the insecurities I've had since high school.
This book is mainly written to a younger audience struggling to be the 'thin celebrity' that can actually be unhealthy.

I wish I had more positive books like this as a teen. I had pretty good self esteem, but I'll never forget when an older boy came up and punch my waist and said "looks like someone's had too many happy meals."

Totally made me feel insecure.

I wasn't dressed in tight pants or had my midriff showing, but even in my modest dress, I was too big to be attractive. Mind you I was 5'4" weighing 125-130.

It was those emotions that came to mind reading this book.

Had I not had faith founded in Christ, I would have been crushed and lead to disturbing habits or eating disorders.

I give this book a 3 out of 5. Great book for teens and very encouraging. However, it just didnt have anything truly remarkable about it.

How was life as a teen for you? Did you struggle with weight?

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Monday, April 15, 2013

My heart hurts for Boston and for running today.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”
― Fred Rogers

I've heard quotes similar to this. I just don't have any words, but have found comfort in others during difficult times like these.

"The shadow proves the sunshine
The shadow proves the sunshine"

"Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always." (Psalm 105:4 NIV)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Fitness Week 16

Well this week was a doosy!! My allergies are giving me a real problem and i've been overly exhausted this week.

I can't seem to allow myself to rest either.  Even though I've developed a tender Achilles' tendon.

I've really got to work on my competitive nature :)
Plus Little Miss is teething, so her sleep isn't solid either.

Have you been reading my book reviews. I've really been enjoying all the books I've gotten from the library.

Oh how I love the Library.

I'm currently reading Hungry For Change. I will be watching the documentary soon, but the whole premise of the book is so interesting.

Are there any books that have changed your outlook on health and fitness?

My week in fitness

Saturday: Ran 6 miles
Sunday: 4.7 mile run, 4 mile walk
Monday: a little yoga, 4 mile walk
Tuesday: arm circut by Tone It Up
Wednesday: 30 minute yoga, 3 mile walk
Thursday: 30 minuteCombined my walk and run and did 4 mile intervals (3 min walk, 5 min run, 1 minute sprint)
Friday: (planned) walk

How was your week in fitness?

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Book Review: Food Rules

I'm giving it 5 out of 5 hearts!!

This book was wonderful!! 68 rules that should have been taught to everyone. It's a quick book, I think an edited version of the book In Defense of Food. Michael Pollan does a great job of making these rules practical, simple, and funny.

I am now very interested in reading more books by Pollan. He is straight to the point and has rules that are so simple they made me feel dumb for having not followed them.

I give this book a 5 hearts out of 5 hearts.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm Not Good Enough

I've been trying to walk every day in April. Just something I thought would be a good idea. I'm a runner and walking is very difficult for me because it makes me feel weak and lazy. So it really pushes me to drop that mentality and stop and enjoy the weather and beauty around me. Plus I get to carry Lilly in the ERGo and she always makes funny sounds and noises that crack me up.

Well at the end of my walk I told myself these words "STOP, you are good enough!'

Often when I am not around others to express my thoughts, my inner voice gets the best of me.

That competitiveness that fuels my running also destroys my confidence as a woman, wife, and mother.

Again I was worrying about Lilly and if she was "good enough" and meeting everyone's expectations.

I hate writing those words. Its really embarrassing how often I think about myself and make everything out to be about me.

"oh no is someone talking about me."
"her reaction makes me feel like she doesn't think I'm a good parent."

Its funny because I was so confident about having a home birth and now as an attachment parent, I am falling prey to the negativity that I think others are thinking about me.

Are you still tracking with me?!

Why do we live in such a competitive culture. As a teacher, I see it all the time. Why didn't Johnny get an A on his test? Why is Sally not good in math?

Why can't we except that our kids are naturally good at everything and starting praising and appreciating them for what they are great at. And also teaching them the hard work that is needed to get better at something.

Okay I digress.

What I'm really trying to say is that I want to be more encouraging to others around me. I want to strengthen their confidence as a parent.

Do I feel insecure that I have to admit that Lilly still sleeps with us? YEP, and why? To appease others?

Why do I care? Because I feel that everyone has a right to an opinion and that they are right in their opinion.

Guess I don't understand of an opinion. :)

I'm really trying to break this cycle of negative thoughts and am hoping to find others to keep me accountable.

I guess we really are our worst critic.

As a parent have you had a hard time with opinions of others? Or am I the only one?

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lilly 11 Months

Wowzers!! I more month till Little Miss celebrates a year. I can't believe that a year ago today I was thinking that she was going to be coming early. Ha!! She was already teaching me patience in the womb.

This month was filled with many fun things.
First plane ride 4-25
First trip to Hawaii
Two more teeth (Right molar top and bottom)
Eating 'big girl' food
Teaching her nose, eyes, mouth
Still loves Mother Goose at the Library
Makes sounds (mama, bub-bub)
Makes a lisp and spitting sound with tongue
Tried peanuts, almond milk, and walnuts (no reaction)
Beginning to like ice cream and chocolate (first taste she seemed indifferent)
Still loves quinoa
Reaches for others
Shows preference to others holding her
Gets upset when a toy is taken away
Shows anger and frustration (sometimes in the form of biting and pinching)
Loves the Ergo and going for walks and runs
Loves to hold hands and 'walk'
Can pull herself up to standing
Crawls with right leg straight and pushes off
LOVES water (to drink)
Got her big girl carseat
Sometimes gives kisses when asked :)
Weighs: 22 (my guess)
Height: 30 inches (my guess)

Here is a sneak peak of our CAKE SMASH photos.
Thanks Lauren for the cake!!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

What I'm Loving: Organization Templates

Okay so I've been a bad blogger lately. Relying only on my book reviews and fitness posts. Byt my goal this week is to get back to blogging and share a bit more of my heart.

Until then.

This is what has been consuming my time.

Getting organized!!

I am definitely not an organizer by blood. I have to train myself.  The harder part of it is that I love the cute templates and can be very picky when it comes to finding the RIGHT planner.

I am hoping to make my own, but until then I found some of these sweet planners on pinterest.

WHERE did I say?! 


I've been really trying to not buy planners and journals. Which is extremely difficult for me. And if you know me, you understand the true sacrifice this is. :)

This week we started the Financial Peace University class at a local church nearby. 

I am so STINKING excited about budgeting and getting organized.

That sounded really geeky...

But its so true. I have fully adjusted to housewife these days.

I enjoy the look of clean floors. Feel of fresh sheets, the smell of homemade goodness.

Any whoo.. 
Have you read anything by Dave Ramsey or taken his class?

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