Monday, November 1, 2010

The many faces of me

The many faces of me!

Today I have been pondering about things that I would like to do before 25:
1. be more patient
2. do more for others
3. run a half-marathon
4. run a marathon
5. take a trip outside of California
6. learn to cook Thai cuisine
7. bake more
8. have a garden that was bigger than this year
9. make more time for people
10. do something out of character (I'm not very spontaneous)
11. get a teaching job (that one is out of my control)
12. beat my running scores
13. host a few more parties
14. take more walks with the hubby
15. get better at cleaning
16. write a short story (or finish)
17. paint 3 canvases
18. enjoy the skin i'm in (is that Dove's commercial?)
19. do more thoughtful things for Steven
20. sew more
21. make a quilt
22. create a creative outlet that results in some extra moolah :)
23. encourage my family and friends to go to church with me
24. give back to my community and volunteer at William Jessup
25. ????

I'm gonna give it a day or two to figure out the last one!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

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