Monday, January 24, 2011

Running my first half marathon: the pain and the glory

It was a beautiful day. The sun was out and smiling at me the whole 13.1 miles. The scenery was great. I was very excited to run on these trails, but unhappy about the course. There were a lot of in and outs. I wasn't expecting a lot of people to be running, but 1,000 people turned out. The 10k and half-marathon started at the same time. I synced my Nike+ and was ready to go. Horn blows, and were a snail pace. Of course, the first mile is always the craziest as everyone is trying to find their place. Waiting for an opening and then ceasing it. I hustled my way passing others quickly. I could count the women in front of me on two hands. 6.36 per mile, my thoughts: I'm going too fast, but I feel fine. That adrenaline was pushing me hard. Mile 6- I eat my Shot Blocks and grab water. YUCK!! Some pink liquid slops over my face and I'm instantly sticky. GREAT!! Next aid station I pass by, still feeling good. Mile 10- CRAP! I'm slowing down, dizziness surrounds me and I feel discouraged. JUST KEEP GOING! No one behind me. COME ON, HANNAH! Mile 12-AAAAHHHHH!!!  My hamstring!! I have never felt this shooting pain before. I panic! If I injure, I'm screwed! I lift my knees as if I stepping (I'm sure I looked ridiculous!) and try to shake it out. AAAHHHH!! Again, I get passed my a woman. Please, please, please. Don't let me get hurt. I say a quick prayer and let God hear it. It goes away. I'm hurting. My body feels weighed down, but I see the finish line. Come on, come on! I make it up the hill. Almost there... I see my husband cheering me on and my mom. 1:45:28 I DID IT!!

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