Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have once again began reading youth novels. I did this a few years ago, while subbing sixth grade. And here I am again, subbing sixth grade and reading youth novels. Since then, I have accumulated a collection of chapter books. I love to take books when schools are getting rid of them or libraries are disposing of them. I have collected books from family and friends, in hopes of one day adding them to my own classroom library. But until then I want to read them before I suggest them to anyone. I remember in college, a teacher told us not to recommend a book that you haven't read. I usually don't but occasionally, I will notice those books that are popular in the other schools and let students know that other students have enjoyed them.

I started this time by finishing a book that was lost and then returned to me. The Schwa Was Here. It is an amazing story about friendship and loneliness; about popularity and individuality. I really enjoyed reading it...I actually cried :) I know I'm pathetic. I have been known to cry at movie previews (my husband always reminds me of that). I was so drawn to the characters that I actually felt as if I know them. I have this weird sense or personality quirk that I just become attached to characters. I LOVE reality shows (this my husband is disturbed by :)). I always explain to him that I feel connected with the characters. I know that sounds pathetic. But its true! I always watch MTV's Real World and was intrigued my their human nature. Why did they always drink and then make mistakes that caused them pain later? Why did they continue that lifestyle? I was always drawn to those shows and I know it sounds as if I am justifying my guilty pleasure, but I'm sure that there is something in me that causes me to be attracted to books and shows with such colorful characters. Hmmm...

After reading The Schwa Was Here, I moved onto The Giver. My husband and I were reminiscing about how all the 'smart' kids were allowed to read this book, but we were placed in other groups with books that we cannot remember. I guess they were not as intriguing as The Giver. And I am very sad that I didn't get a chance to experience the adventure this book unfolds. It is set around one of my very favorite settings: utopia. Its not exactly utopia, but one would venture to say that it is a community created to keep humanity 'in tact' and without disturbance, so to speak. I LOVED IT!!! And would recommend it to any student and I will.

Well...I've spent too much time on this and am eager to begin reading Where the Red Fern Grows. I read Summer of the Monkeys and vaguely remember enjoying it. I hate that books didn't have that much affect on me as they do today. I'll relish in this nasty weather and hope to get a few chapters read tonight!!

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