Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Our New Pup Tucker

The story of our “lucky” boy

We adopted this rescue, originally named Lucky, from at Petco. The organization, One More Dog Rescue, is always at that location on Saturdays and we just happened to pop by to see the pups. Steven and I were not planning on getting another dog just yet, but when I saw this sweet sweet Staffordshire Terrier, my heart broke. 

You see…Tucker was rescued from a horrible situation. He was hanging around a warehouse area, where there were several mean individuals. They cut his ears with scissors to make him look mean. They also threw beer cans at him and eventually through a whole tire rim onto his paw. This has caused Tucker to walk with a limp and will always have a disfigured paw. This sweet, sweet boy has seriously brought joy to my heart and has made me so joyful to see him and Gus get along.

We Love Our Little Family!

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