Monday, July 4, 2011

OOOPPPPS! Minor setback

First day I ate meat and it hadn't even been a week. Last night we had family dinner at my in-laws and I caved. I had a chicken sausage. I know, I know...HORRIBLE! But I have to allow myself some slack when I go to people's homes because otherwise I'll starve.

And I should say that I'm not actually vegan, more like vegantarian. I not all hardcore about animal protection rights (but it is disgusting how they harvest meat). I am actually more intense about excluding dairy from my diet. Meat is a choice that I have made to exclude from my diet. Every now and then I will have a slip up and I figure that is okay. If I go cold turkey, I'm doomed to fail. I also know that when I become pregnant (whenever that is) I'll have to give up fish, so I'm starting now (I'm so not a procrastinator).

Wish me luck! And send any advice this way :)

I also got in some yoga in the past two days!

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