Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vegan: To Healthy

Yes, Yes, I know it should say "Vegan: Too Healthy" But I've changed my diet. AGAIN!! I know so indecisive. But the more I really thought about why I was vegan/vegetarian was not because I don't think meat is healthy or that I think I am a PETA activist (I'm not), but because of how meat is handled. That includes fish. As I begin to read about pregnancy (I'm not, I'm just also not a procrastinator) and diet, I have been reading horror stories about the meat industry. EWWW Gross! (If you wanna know check out Skinny Bitch/Skinny Bitch Bun in the Oven). Whether I'm pregnant or not, I refuse to eat non-organic, hormone raised meat. I'll venture out and eat hormone free meat, but I'm really relying on my friends who hunt to stock me with some awesome yummies (Last week, we enjoyed venison sandwiches and elk burgers). I've also been buying organic and still avoiding dairy. I might splurge if I received home grown eggs. Thanks for being patient with me on my journey, I've had to eat more meat because I believe I'm anemic (I did that penny test: run a penny down your cheek. If there is a black line then you have anemia, if their is no line, you are fine).

I can't wait to find more yummy recipes and share them with you!!

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