Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lilly Mae is a month away from...TWO!

Yikes. How did it slip up on us so fast. Another year has come and gone and our little Lilly Bug is toddling. No longer "a baby," (although she always will be to us) but a TWO-YEAR old.

Oh my sweet love, how blessed we are to have you. We pray daily for you and your faith. We pray for your health and growth. Lilly, may you shine your light bright and continue to make those around you smile!!

 Beginning to get frustrated when she can't communicate.
Saying a lot more words. Becoming more confident in her speaking.
Perfectionist tendencies.

 LOVES to be outside. 
Likes to be in the water.
Practices getting on her shoes and pants (even though some shirts she designates as pants)

 Enjoys the library and reading.
Still a huge Veggie Tale fan. 
Likes Toy Story and Monster Inc.

 More confident in her climbing. 
Likes to climb onto the toilet to flush it.

 Size 3T clothing
About 30 lbs.
No dairy (link to ezcema)

 Loves to see Daddy when he comes home. 
A helper.
Likes to shop.
Pretends to grocery shop by sticking canned goods in her stroller.
Still lets mommy do between 5-7 miles in the stroller.
Better sleeper.

One more month my sweets and we will be celebrating YOU!!!
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