Friday, November 7, 2014

Fitness Friday!!

Happy Fitness Friday!!

It's been a while since I've been on to share. This past weekend was my birthday and Halloween. We had a lot of fun last weekend and this past week I just kinda took some time away from writing to absorb life a bit. I'll be posting my Purposeful Play post tomroow and next week is filled with some goodies, so keep checking back!

This week I'm proud to say that I was actually able to take a REST day. It's so difficult for me to not just try and get some sort of workout in. But then I realize that I'm human and need my body to recover. I'm continuing to love running and even though I have no plans for an upcoming race (besides our annual Thanksgiving run) I am running just as often as if I was (Thanks Win Detergent for keeping my clothes smelling fresh). This weather is my favorite for running. I love all the color changes in the trees and the sweet smell of rain. It really is beautiful and one of the many reasons I love fall.

This week in Fitness:
Saturday: barre, 1 mile run, CosmoBody yoga and ballet legs
Sunday: 10k Sunday
Monday: 4 mile run, yoga
Tuesday: REST
Wednesday: 7 mile total run, yoga
Thursday: 4.7 mile run (Sweater Weather Interval Run)
Friday: Barre

How is your week in fitness?

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