Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Puppy Love: Meet Perla

Hooray! We got a new puppy! Although it seems like such a quick decision, we have been looking at getting another dog for a while. We currently now have a little Weimereiner named Perla and a Wheaton Terrier (5 years) named Gus-Gus.

Can you guess the purpose behind the names?

Hint Hint :Think Disney.

Nope...well if you were a frequent watcher of Cinderella you'd know that there is a mouse named Octavius in the movie, where Cinderella nicknames him Gus-Gus. When looking for a name for our new pup, we found that one of the girl mice in Cinderella name is  Perla. So there you have it.

We've been researching different types of running dogs that would also be a great protector. Although we love our sweet Wheaton, the worst damage he would do is piddle on the oncoming intruder due to his excitement. So our options gave us Weimereiners, German Shephards, and Boxers. There are other breeds, but those had qualities that we enjoyed. Luckily, we didn't have to look to hard as a family neighbor breeds them.

We are so glad that our pups have become friends. We are excited about adding Perla to our family.

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