Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Must Reads

Here are a few of my favorite books that are a must read if you haven't already:

 The Husband's Secret
This book is quite popular and has been around for a while. A quick read that weaves three women's lives together is an interesting and unexpected way. Moriarty does a great job at developing the characters in the book and it keeps you on your toes. This book is a winner, I'm already ready to read more by her.


The Girl on the Train 
I was eagerly waiting this book as I hadn't read it but have seen it all over social media. It definitely held up to its word. I love stories that don't give you the narrators name right off the bat. It makes it easy to get caught up in this book. A quick read that will have you wanting to be riding the train again.
Brain on Fire
A phenomenal read! I finished this book quickly because not only is it entertaining but it is thrilling. The book starts right off with an intense medical issue that will have you remembering the diagnosis from ER, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs, or what have you. Amazingly informative and I recommend it, if anything just simply to understand the frustration of finding a diagnosis. Cahalan is a GREAT writer!

All the Light We Cannot See
I was startled at first by the length of this book, but with the chapters being short, it makes for a quick read. Doerr does a great job at character development and although it may be slow to start, the adventure is worth it. I was so sad by the end of the book because I wanted more. Set in World War 2 it gives different perspectives of war in France and Germany.

 If you haven't been aquainted with Simsion's writing, do so NOW! His ability to develop characters in unreal. You will quickly fall in love with Don and at often times feel as if he is your friend. Be quick about getting these books as they are sure to be sold out everywhere.

I'm currently reading the Rosie Project and just as I expected, IT IS GREAT.
What books are on your reading list this summer?

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