Thursday, December 29, 2011

Currently Reading: Library Edition

I love the library. There is something so wonderful about the serenity and the need to be quiet in this place. It is filled with knowledge. Sometimes when I am stressed or bored, I will venture to one of these humble places. Here is what I have picked up...

Currently Reading:
I am such a sucker for interesting book titles. (I know...never judge a book by its cover. Who cares, I'm gonna read it anyway) I love Anne Lamott's writing. It is so pure and captures me everytime I read. If I can't find a book to read, or I wander into a library aimlessly, I always choose a book by her. Her Birds by Birds continues to inspire me to write.

Next on the list:
A bestseller...

A classic...

and a random. This time I chose mystery

I also bought these from Target and CANNOT wait to read them. I so wish I was in a book club. I love reading way too much!!

This is by my favorite author. How did I find her, you ask? I judge her book by the cover and love every piece of it. So there :)

and this enjoyable one that reminded me a bit of Eat, Pray, Love

I really need a book club!!! Anyone know of a great one?

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