Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Running: Growing belly, Freezing weather

Lilly is definitely growing. Today on our 2 mile run, I was definitely jogging slowly. I can't wait to meet her and from now on I think I will do walk/run intervals.

The weather is so chilly now!! I have to run with my jacket, pants, AND a knitted scarf. But it is the beat weather to run. And it is truly beautiful outside.


  1. Can't see the bump :) need another photo!!!

  2. wait, so is it l-i-l-l-y or l-i-l-y? or are you guys trying to decide which spelling you like more? can't wait to see the bump in real life!

  3. It's Lilly. We changed it...or actually I forgot that we decided on Lilly. :) Can't wait to 'bump' into you. Hahaha


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