Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lil Bug is TWO!

Sweet Lilly Girl, We are so blessed to be a part of your life. You are truly a joy. You always make us smile and your snuggles are the best. We continue to pray for your health and well being each day and that you will grow to love God.

 Very chatty; saying more words each day
Becoming more confident
Cautious of others
Loves her baby and any Veggie tales stuffie
Introducing dairy back in.
Gets upset if we pass the street to turn onto for Mimi's and Papa's as well as the park
Good at cleaning up; likes to use a napkin to clean herself and her tray up
A few tantrums have emerged  :)
Likes to play outside

 Still like to go for runs
Likes to watch Monsters Inc and Toy Story 3
Asks about Daddy a lot
Understands what a circle is
Can go up and down stairs unassisted; although she'd rather not
Still takes naps
Like to play pretend in her kitchen

 Enjoys dumping out her blocks and putting them back in through the sape sorter
Likes to dress herself (mostly putting shirts and shorts over her clothes)
Is sensitive to some materials or is picky about her clothes (not sure which :)
Likes to listen to 'Let It Go' and 'In Summer'
Likes to be the director
Interacts with adults more than kids
When asked will say she is "two."

 Can jump on tramp with two feet: April 24th
Can match letters on the Endless Alphabet app
Wearing size 3t
31 lbs
size 6 shoe

Another seizure: April 27th; undiagnosed

You are a special little girl Lilly and have blessed our lives tremendously!

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