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What is Common Core?

What is Common Core?

Common Core is an agreed upon set on standards that almost all states have began to implement in their schools systems.
 The Common Core State Standards are essentially focused on English Language Arts and Math. The standards have become streamlined and is focused on having students graduate from high school prepared for college.  The standards were created by a group of teachers, school chiefs, administrators, and other experts.  According to the standards are:

1. Research- and evidence-based
2. Clear, understandable, and consistent,
3. Aligned with college and career expectations
4. Based on rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher-order thinking skills
5.Built upon the strengths and lessons of current state standards
6.Informed by other top performing countries in order to prepare all students I our global economy and society.

(The above information was pulled and summarized from Core Standards)

What Common Core is not.

Common core is not a curriculum and it is not a roadmap, but a destination. States, School Districts, and teachers have the opportunity to create and use the their creativity and enthusiasm to develop dynamic lesson plans to help students develop higher level thinking.

In Summary...

Common Core are standards that have been streamlined. There are definelty negatives to all approaches to of education, but Common Core really has the best intentions. .  Often times I have found comments and photos of student's homework that claims to be Common Core...but it isn't . Common Core is not a curriculum, nor has one been mandated. Many states and school districts are still finding the a comfortable path when it comes to meeting the Common Core Standards.

What are your frustrations with Common Core? Comment below on what issues you have found while teaching students or helping your child with homework?

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