Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Book Review: The Girl on The Train

What a wonderful read. I truly enjoyed it and can clearly see why it is so popular. I have been on the waitlist for this book for such a long time. And of course once I got it I was already consumed in reading other books. So naturally I put it off until I had three days left to read it. It was a challenge I was up for...and sure enough finished it with 2 hours to go (I used Library To Go on my Kindle).

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I give just a quick summary, as I tend to overshare by nature. This is a great summer read or vacation book. It pulls you right in and Hawkins does a great job with character development, it keeps the pages turning. It is a story of a broken woman who, despite having no desire to fix her life, seems to be interested in fixing  others. She finds herself involved in a mystery that strikes close to home. Her identity get wrapped, twisted, and turned around by the end of the book.

Hope you enjoy this book. Let me know your thoughts on it. And if you've read it share your thoughts as well.

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