Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Keeping the Learning Going

With school getting out and summer plans upon us, I thought it be a good time to talk about some ways to keep learning going. Of course we hear our student's teachers encouraging our kids to keep reading, but is that all we can be doing.

1. Check your local library: Many library offer reading programs and incentives as well as fun events for your kiddos. Allow your student to choose ANY book, where they are picture books or chapter books you can read to them. The benefit of them not liking it is that you can always return it. Being hyper focused on reading level, allow them to experience a love of reading.

2. Community events: Many community events are free or have free activities. These can be especially beneficial especially if your community has a festival.

3. Trying new things: Believe it or not but experiencing new foods or activities continue to develop resilience and create new memories. It can be especially powerful when traveling to a new place.

4. Developing some themed activities: You don't have to create a massive curriculum or buy one, but you can easily come up with themed ideas. There are lots or resources and blogs available that offer themed weeks and we all know how AMAZING Pinterest is. I often will plan a month in advance and pin on my boards activities. You can see them here :  Little Learner

5. Family Game Night: Plan on having at least one 30 minute game night with each other. It can be puzzles, trivia, or board games. It's amazing all the things you learn from your children while being in a different environment.

These are just a few ideas to encourage growth with your littles. Enjoy those vacations.

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