Thursday, May 14, 2015

Clean and Fresh: HELLO Products

 HELLO Products

Being a part of the Influenster community, it allows me to review products. I've been fortunate enough to have tried some really fun products, but this one might just be my favorite. I've never heard about them before but HELLO products delivered a great first impression. I sampled the Mint Mojito Toothpaste, Pink Grapefruit Mint Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Sweetmint Breath Spray, and Pink Grapefruit Mint Breath Spray. They are a treat, as you can tell its not your average toothpaste flavors. Overall, these products are fresh, light, and clean. I had my husband try them as well, just to make sure I wasn't just liking them because of their newness. He agreed that they leave your mouth feeling clean and appreciated it, where as other brands coat your mouth with a sugary minty flavor that actually creates more bacteria.

I really think that I will be purchasing this brand from now on. The also have a few other flavors. I hoping that floss will be next. They also have children's toothpaste that has fun flavors like Bubblegum, Green Apple, and Blue Raspberry. Check your local Target for these fun flavors and fresh breath.

Have you tried these amazing flavors?

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