Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Book Review: The Learning Habit

This week I finished reading The Learning Habit, for a small book it took me a while to finish reading it. It was packed with information, but most nonfiction books take me a week or two to finish. Although I thought this book would solely be about how to learn, I found that it actually was more of a parenting book. I really enjoyed the helpful stories and illustrations the author used to highlight each point in the book.
 The book is titled so because of a study that was conducted on what made "good learners." Essentially the book discusses what the findings were on creating good learners with grit, focus, and structure. An approach called Empowerment Parenting develops kids who are capable and confident. It stresses the importance of having a structured environment: chores, solid 8 hours of sleep, a designated homework time, limited media consumption, and family time. It also encourages parent to praise effort and not the child so instead of saying "Great Job Dana," "That was a great try at shooting the basketball," is a preferred compliment. This way it is encouraging the behavior that you want in you child.
The topic on media consumption was particularly interesting. I have strived to limit the exposure of TV with Peanut, but every so often I give in whether it be due to sickness or me being exhausted. This book really created an impact for how damaging prolonged exposure to media can be.
I found this book to be a great read and full of wonderful information. Each tool that is encouraged is followed with several short stories to help readers understand how to approach Empowerment Parenting.
What is on your Summer Reading List?

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