Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life: ROCKID project

After jumping straight onto the Pinterest wagon (and dragging everyone with me), I found this cradle/chair rocker and was instantly in love. I talked about it often and became borderline obsessed.

Little did I know that my dad would be inspired to create one for me. He wanted me to find plans for this unique creation and unfortunately we were unable to find it. It is made out of ONE piece of birch plywood. I still can't wrap my head around it. It was so much fun watching my dad create this one of a kind work of art. I love it so much and keep wanting to talk about it. After assembling this, my dad wanted to create more and sell them. We looked up how much the ROCKID cost...836 pounds. Thats 1600 dollars!!!!
We created this for way less. Although we still want to paint it and put cushions on the seat and cradle. But still, I think we will save about 1500 dollars. 

I love my dad and appreciate his hard work! 

Here is his masterpiece!

(the cutout heart is his signature. He also did that on my mom's fence)


  1. it's is simply beautiful! wow he is so talented. lily mae is such a lucky little girl already.

  2. My company is the only company in the US producing one that converts to double rocker. We are on Pinterest as Rockerbybaby. Ours costs $729 and is made much more sturdy with premium 13-ply formaldehyde-free Baltic birch. They assemble in 15 minutes and ship to your door UPS. If you know anyone looking for these in the states, we are the only manufacturer and own the non-provisional patent for this cool design. By the way, great job he did making yours. I love the heart!


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