Monday, February 13, 2012

Life: Tucker Last days

We've been looking for a home for Tucker since August when we found out I was pregnant. There were several reasons why we needed to find Tucker a forever home. The biggest reason: he needs more care than what we can give him. I know that when Lilly Mae comes, our pups are going to get ignored and be put on the back burner, not because I want them there, but because I will be working on adjusting to mommy life :). It took a long time to find his forever home. We first tried to find a home through word of mouth. Then posters. Then we put him back into the adoption system from where we got him. I LOVE them. One More Dog Rescue is such a wonderful rescue and they love all their pups dearly. It was so hard letting him go, but I know that he will be able to be loved more than hubs and I could. It broke my heart as I felt we had let him down, but we loved him for the time we had him.

My thoughts today is that I feel relieved. I feel relieved to know that I don't have to worry about his care. I can focus on having one dog. Having two boy dogs, especially the two we have, was just too rowdy for me. Maybe I should rethink wanting two boys :). I am so happy for Tucker!!

Wish you luck, buddy!!!

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