Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Snap Shot of Growing Up

With life being so busy the past few weeks, I honestly am in awe that I have found the time to read, run, and have a little fun. I've had to make some adjustments and adjust quickly because I quite frankly haven't had time to deal with it. My house isn't clean. Laundry sits in a basket as I type this. My life is consumed with juggling my time and making sure dinner is served before Lilly is too tired and before my sister has to head out for school.

But today was a good day...A GREAT DAY!!

It was as if today went in slow motion. You know those days when you are just ON!
I also felt like maybe today was going in slow motion because I felt like me.
That last sentence is weird to write but its so true.
It was as if I was shedding a layer and becoming more grown up.

I guess that is what it must feel like, I've grown up always being responsible, but today I had a new confidence about it.

Teaching went successfully, Meeting with my dream manager...amazing, Lilly time...a blast, and community group...wonderful.

Maybe things are just coming together.

I've waited so long to be a part of a community at church. It's so nice that it works for us. I really feel blessed. There is just something so special about connecting with others, whether at church, through email, online, or reading their stories. Connection is innate in us all and if we aren't connected, I don't think we are really whole.

Since being back at Tricks Gymnastics, I read the book Dream Manager, which is freaking amazing and the fact that Tricks has a dream manager is wonderful. I meet with my DM  once a month and talk to her about my life...and I get paid for it. I'm so grateful to Tricks that they have found this resource important to provide their employees. How great is it to be able to have some time to spend with someone chatting about your dreams as a individual, about your accomplishments and weaknesses without being measured up or feeling inferior. In fact, it does just the opposite, I feel empowered.

So maybe it's not me growing up...maybe I'm just coming into my shell...of being more confident in who I am.

For so long I think I just had the attitude 'fake it till you make it.' Today felt like a small step towards me shedding that and really being confident. I hope that I can continue this and be able to let go of my insecurities.

I think we are constantly in a state of competition and feeling of defeat that WE never appreciate ourselves, as we wait longingly for others to recognize us. We stress over those who have made our day miserable. Recently learning about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we are asked to have a proactive mind and conscientiously choose to have a good attitude. WHen we let others' issues plague us, its hard to stay positive. And honestly, I believe we aren't really encouraged as a culture to address issues with others (oh, except passively on Facebook :). But then that adds to our stress as we have not only our own feelings to deal with we are now worrying about others.

I digress....

It was a good day

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