Wednesday, September 25, 2013

17 months-little Lil is growing up

Beginning to use spoon
Can use fork
Loves to dance and loves music
Likes to laugh when I catch her taking her piggies out

Loves to listen to books
Can sign: water, all done, please, again, sleep

Talking a lot more
Can say all done, momma, dada, Gus Gus, dog, duck(sounds like duck)

Waves bye bye
Blow kisses
Raises her hand when we say Amen
Knows that at night when we pray it means bedtime
Loves to give kisses on pictures 
Loves Madeline. 
Recently found a love for soup.   

Climbs up stairs independently
In the toddler gymnastics class now
Can go down some slides
Will enjoy the swing for a little bit

Loves dogs
Learning to sign: butterfly, dog, pig, bunny
Knows what sounds a dog, bear, and lion make

Dear my sweet girl,
You are a sweet, gentle, beautiful little one. You have taught me love and persist able. You are learning so much right now and it is a thrill to watch you. You have blessed our lives greatly and I pray everyday that you will be a bold leader for others to follow. My sweet Lil, keep exploring, the world is yours to be discovered. 

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