Thursday, September 12, 2013


Yowzers!! Its been a crazy few weeks. Even though I'm only back to work parttime, I feel like I have had NO TIME. Poor blog, its been on the back of my mind, but I just havent had quality time to get it all done. 

Being back at work has really been fun. I honestly never thought that I'd feel that way. I know that it was the right time because Lilly is doing so well and so am I. We are so lucky to have had my sister move in with us so that we have someone to watch Lilly. 

And I missed teaching. 

It so weird to type that. I remember last January fighting to not go back to work. Not because I didn't want to work, but because raising Lilly was so imporatnat to me. And now I have the best of both worlds. Lilly is learning to be independent as well as myself. 

I think we have both grown a lot.

It was important for me to go back to teaching this year because of the Teacher Credential Clearing Process in California. It's called BTSA and it can be a pain. I like it, especially all the forms (I was definitely meant to be a teacher), but there is a lot of outside commitment athat makes it hard when you are trying to find child care. 

If you live in California and are a teacher you can skip this next little paragraph :)

California requires its teachers to have a Clear Credential. In order to do this you must be a teacher and go through BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support Assessment). BTSA requires two years where you meet with a veteran teacher, attend professional development workshops and use case studies to strengthen a weakness in your teaching. If it sounds like a lot of paperwork, IT IS!!

But anyway its been a lot of fun, my quirkiness and loud voice is back and it feels good to to be back teaching even if its just a few days a week.

How was going back to work? Did you have any reservations?

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