Sunday, January 15, 2012

Instagram: 7-13 days

Day 7: Favorite: Running (obviously)

Day 8: Sky

Day 9: Daily Routine: VITAMINS I'm up to 15 now. But I must say...I have plenty of energy and  am feeling great!!

Day 10: Childhood- These are my favorite books. I actually got Patricia Pollaco to sign Thunder Cake. I cherish that book and adore her writing.

Day 11: Where I sleep
I should have taken a picture of my side of the bed, but I had to take one quick because the hubs wasn't feeling well and wanted to lay down.

Day 12: Closeup I recently recieved two of these mugs. I love them dearly. They are my favorite color combo right now (yellow, white, and purple) I'm sure if you don't know already, you can easily guess Lilly's bedroom color scheme.

Day 13: What is in your bag (Everything under the sun) See if you can guess all 20 items (there is actually 23, but I'll give a little grace. Plus there are multiple pens, so that only counts as one item)

I'll post the answers tomorrow!

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