Monday, January 2, 2012

Life: New Year Wishes

I sit here thinking about all the wonderful things that I have been blessed with.

I have been blessed with a wonderful pregnancy.

I have been given a wonderful job.

I have been blessed with an amazing, hardworking, supportive husband (he's pretty cute too).

I have been blessed with the energy and body to support my addictive running habits.

I have been blessed with sweet friends.

I have been blessed with wonderful family.

I have been blessed with many, many gadgets and toys to play with.

But sometimes, amongst all those blessings, my heart still aches.

I wish for a family group. (We belong, if I can say that, to a church that is growing and we have felt swallowed and unfulfilled. Of course, I know that seeking out a community group is our role, but unfortunately, maybe due to my hardened heart or aching wounds, I refuse to join a small group. I feel that they are usually impersonal, I can never relate with anyone, people are guarded and become judgmental toward me as I open my heart.)

I wish to read my Bible more (I know, my problem. Today for the first time in quite a while I craved God's word. I think I will open to Romans or maybe a good Old Testament story.)

I wish I was more clean and organized (these past couple of weeks I've been pretty good, but I really think that is because I'm not working and off for break. I really want to have a clean home and its something that has always been hard for me to keep up on. It frequently makes me feel less of a woman).

I wish for Tucker to find a good home (We recently put up posters for Tucker to find a new home. We are hoping to release him from our home soon. It will just be too much with two dogs and a new baby.)

I'm sure I have more, but I hope this inspires someone to be grateful for what they have. So quickly do I complain and whine about my misfortunes, when realistically I am rich beyond measure.

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