Saturday, January 7, 2012

Photography: Instagram Photo a day Challenge: Week 1

Day 1: Me
I hate taking pictures of me, especially now that I feel like my face is filling up with fluid from this pregnancy. Although I can't really complain, full face, being my only negative. I wonder if Lilly Mae will smile like me?

Day 2: Breakfast
Oh, how grateful I am for our Vitamix. I am eating breakfast now! Lots of fresh fruit and greek yogurt (22grams of protein per cup). I feel healthier each day. Now I just gotta stop eating sweets :)

Day 3: Something I love.
My puppies: Gus and Tucker. Although we will be needing to get rid of Tucker and find him a loving home soon before Lilly Mae gets here. It makes me tear up every time I talk about him leaving me :(

Day 4: Letterbox
I learned not only that Letterbox means mailbox, that you SjD, but also a cropped photo or something like that. Here is my attempt:

Day 5: Something I wore
I recently bought these Betsy Johnson shades from Nordstrom Rack. Oh how I adore Betsy Johnson. She was my first favorite designer. I love her boldness and creativity. And her hair....need I say more.

Day 6: Something that makes me smile
Baby Lilly's kicks
I am so in love with her. Its weird to love someone you have never met. I can't wait to meet her and see who she looks like. I makes me so HAPPY!!

Stay tuned for Day 7-Day 13


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