Saturday, January 21, 2012

Life: Exercising and Feeling Good

Today Sattva Yoga had an Open House. I have been wanting to try this place out for a while. It is very close to where I work and one of my friends teaches their. I tried out two Booty Barre classes and Anusara Yoga class. It was wonderful!! The little studio was crammed with people. I loved the experience. Even though I am 6 months pregnant, it felt really good to work hard. The Booty Barre classes are what I would compare to a fusion of ballet and standing pilates. There is a lot of plie-ing, squatting and pulsing. Whew!! I definitely worked up a sweat! Then in between both Booty Barre classes, I took a Anusara yoga class. It was very different as I had to modify so much because of my large belly. But the experience was very serene. The yoga studio was just the right size and the teachers were amazing. At one point the class was doing bow position, which is DEFINITELY not recommended for me, so I did child's pose, one of the instructors came up and massaged my back so I could have a deeper stretch. Uh, wonderful!!! Anusara yoga is very different than attending a yoga class at the gym. They begin each class with OMs and singing the Anusara song. It is a stretch for me to feel comfortable, but once I got over that, it was relaxing and just swell :)

bow pose

Child's pose (I hope I looked like this)

The amazing instructors at Sattva Yoga.
(my friends the one of the far right, gorgeous huh?!)

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