Friday, October 25, 2013

FALL Fitness Friday

It's Friday already and almost Halloween!
I love Halloween. I love it because I LOVE dressing up. And it's right before my birthday!!
What are you planning on being for Halloween?

How was your week?
I have been contemplating training for a full marathon. But it is such a time commitment. I'm hoping though that I can at least get some longer mileage. We have a mathon in December called the CIM (California International Marathon). I did it one year as a part of a four team relay. It was incredible!! People come out of their homes and cheer everyone on. It is such a beautiful display of encouragement. It is also very inspiring. 

I wanted to share an update on how my FALL goals are going.

Fitness: I am still working on taking rest days. I find that if I can walk a few places I feel better. It's not technically resting, but at least it is low key. It's so beautiful outside and I find simple walks refreshing.
Attitude: Continuing to work on a grateful attitude for what I have. It's not always easy and sometimes I am quick to get angry or jealous, but I remind myself that that is negative and try to focus on all that I have.
Life: Totally planned to take pictures of Lilly in the park, but I forgot the battery. UGH!! With Halloween coming around and Apple Hill, I will definitely have some pictures to share.
Learning: I'm continuing to research about child development but have taken out some time to read a novel called The Dinner, which I are really getting into.

Week in Fitness:
Saturday: Jogged to work
Sunday: 10 miles
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 miles
Wednesday: 4 mile walk, 2 Blogilates videos

Thursday: 8 mile run with baby
Friday: planned run and stretching

Well...I've fell into the slipperey slope of enjoying candy. But I am happy to say that I am learning to eat smaller portions. I'm working on eating less, but more throughout the day. I hate having that bloated, over stuffed feeling after dinner. So I'm trying to not eat such a big dinner. Although tonight is Meatball sandwiches...Yikes :)

Here are a few Couch 2 5k I made for our family's Turkey Trot this year:

How is your week going? Any challenges you are having with staying fit/healthy?

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