Thursday, October 31, 2013

Active Insoles by Dr. Scholls Review

I recently applied to be a part of the Influenster community. It is all about product reviews. I love reviewing products, but more importantly, I love seeing reviews about products. I appreciate this community and have used it when I have purchased makeup. 
Is what I purchased worth it? 
What are the top mascaras?
Does my makeup live up to it's title (voluminous lashes, baby soft lips, etc)?

I was picked to review and tryout The Active Series Insoles by Dr. Scholls.

If you are new to this blog you may not be familiar with my obsession with running. Is obsession the right word? Perhaps, addiction. A healthy one of course :)

My love for running comes from my need to process problems. I am definitely a worry ward and paranoid wreck at times. With running I am able to sort through issues, release them, and learn to rely on God in my weaknesses.
I'm also a very competitive person and running releases me of that. 
However, the feeling of my feet hitting the pavement was once a stress releaser, but now has begun to cause issues in my hips, knees and caused tightness and pain.

Those Active Insoles couldn't have come at a better time. My shoes were close to being retired. These insoles allowed me to continue running, wait for it, with ZERO knee pain. Despite my shoes being expired the Dr. Scholls inserts worked well, but I still need new shoes. 

I will definitely be purchasing Dr. Scholls Active Series insoles for my next pair of running shoes. I know that they iwll give me extra cushion, support, and drive to go the extra mile :).

Have you had insoles before? What questions do you have about athletic insoles?

These are opinions are my own! I was not paid to give a review on this product.

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