Friday, October 11, 2013

Fitness Friday


We've been eating pretty well. I've given up my meal planning and began to rely on Emeals to provide me with help. Being back at work is difficult. Kiddos to those of you that love to cook and plan meals. It was just too much stress!! Check out emeals though, it's a great investment. 
Cod tacos

Tailgate chili!!

Here are our meals for next week:
Monday: Weeknight Enchiladas and 
Tuesday: Sweet and Spicy Chicken Breasts
Wednesday: Broiled Tilapia
Thursday: Turkey Meatloaf
Friday: Turkey and Provolone Meatloaf Sandwiches
Saturday: Salisbury Steak
Sunday: Family Dinner

It also includes a shopping list with most items discounted. Love, love, love it!!

I just finished another half. I decided this was the year I would run a half once a month. So I've got two more to go!! I've been trying to incorporate more weight training and stretching into my workout routine. I've also started two challenges for the month of October!!

Join in!! 
Here is my week in fitness:

Saturday: 20 minutes yoga
Sunday: 13.1 Urban Cow Marathon!!! PR time 1:48:33
Monday: rest
Tuesday: 3 mile run, 60 squats, 5 push-ups  
Wednesday: 20 minutes yoga, 15 minutes blogilates video, 60 squats and 5 pushups

I'm so excited for some new things!! (1) today I get to help up at my nieces school warming up kiddos!! I love setting an example of how important staying healthy is. I know that running isn't for everyone but fitness IS fun!! It's all about ATTITUDE!! (2) I get to help run this lovely blog hop!! I'm so excited!! I've got some fun ideas but am open to challenges and themes!!

Keep staying fit and healthy!!

What is your biggest struggle when it comes to staying fit? Is it time, money, motivation?

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