Monday, April 6, 2015

ABC's of Education Part 1

I decided to do a few blog posts on the ABC's of education. This will be derived from my experience in the classroom, but would love input to create an extensive and complete resource for teachers and parents.
Each post will contain between 5-10 acronyms or education terms. It will be featured on a separate page.

BTSA (Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment)- By California state law, teachers are required to go through an induction that is funded by the state that provides new teachers with support and requires them to be assessed in their strengths and weaknesses.

IEP (Individualized Education Plan)- Students who need a IEP need modifications or extra tools needed in their education to reach standards and school expectations.

LH (Learned Helplessness)- a child with a lack of motivation caused by being helped in more opportunities therefore limiting their experience to develop confidence through independence.

PARRC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers)- One of two assessment options that 19 participating states in Common Core are using.

OT (Occupational Therapist)- Working with students who have difficulties in spatial awareness and fine motor development.

SP (Speech Pathologist)-  Also known as a Speech Therapist (ST). Works with students who have difficulties in the area of speech and swallowing (i.e, lisps, unintelligibility).

SPED (Special Education)- For qualifying students that may need specialized instruction, classroom is individualized.

SST (Student Study Team)- A team made up of school staff and parents of a student that may be of concerned due to underperformance or learning differences.

What education jargon would you like to see on here?

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