Thursday, April 2, 2015

Taste Test: Rau Chocolate

Rau Chocolate

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this delicious and unique treat. While enjoying a similar product, Pressed Juicery, Drink Rau Chocolate encouraged me to give it a try. I was lucky enough to have a Whole Foods nearby that supplies the product. When I first went in, I found that Whole Foods was carrying their Cold Brew Mocha and Mint. Since I had already consumed my fair share of coffee that day, I selected the Mint. At first taste it was a bit chalky and similar to the taste of cacao bits, which is a large ingredient in the drink. The mint taste was very present in the drink and stronger than most mint chocolate products I've tasted. I believe that the chalky taste that I experienced was due to my not shaking the product enough. Sediment does occur and it is necessary to make sure that any sediment is mixed in the product to ensure a smooth taste.

After having a yummy experience with Mint, I decided to give the Cold Pressed Mocha a go, but when I got to Whole Foods, they had Drink Rau Chocolate Original and Mayan Spice, a new flavor I was longing to try. I decided that the Mayan Spice was a must. This was a delicious treat in the morning, much smoother with a spicy kick after each swig. It tasted much more chocolaty and really was a fusion delight, my taste buds were extremely happy. The serving size is for 2 servings and I would agree that consuming a whole bottle is overkill, it ruins the experience and you appreciate the flavors melding together more, especially with Mayan Spice, my mouth was needing some reprieve, surprisingly Annie's Cheddar Bunnies is a great compliment.

Finally, I tried the Drink Rau Chocolate Original and was so satisfied. This is truly delicious, it tastes like chocolate milk, but it's dairy free...INSANE!! It's super smooth and creamy. It really was my favorite out of the other two I tried. I would definitely start with this one prior to try the fun other flavors.

At 5 bucks a pop, I'd say that this is an extremely great deal.  Drink Rau Chocolate is vegan, dairy free, sugar free, and organic. I can't express how much I truly enjoy great products like these. I am a believer that whole food does the body good and although it's not practiced all the time in my life, it's great when it does. Finding products like Drink Rau Chocolate are typically expensive and I usually forgoe them all together, but this is a great buy and product.

Clean Eating
Sweet and Creamy
Delightful Flavors
Sold in many stores
Low amount of ingredients
Sugar Free
Dairy Free

Shaking is necessary or can lead to an unpleasant experience.

Have you tried Rau Chocolate? What other health drinks do you enjoy?

I was not compensated for my review or sought out to do it. I paid for these products and this is my honest opinion.

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