Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Mommy Workouts: How to Get Them In

The need to stay healthy and fit has become an hot topic; however, it really is about being healthy and not about being skinny. I've found that raising my daughter I have to be careful on how I talk about my size and how I view myself. With that being said, I found how important it is have energy and strength throughout the day.

I found that morning runs and walks were very easy to get in. I'm a part of a Moms Run This Town, which is helpful to stay motivated and accountable for getting those workouts in. I've found it to be a supportive and encouraging environment for feeling like a capable mommy on those stressful mornings. Post nap walks have also become very popular at our house, it buys the time before dinner.

After having my daughter I stumbled upon Tone It Up, a community created by fitness enthusiasts like myself, Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. These ladies inspire and support women out there looking to get healthy. They have a membership for $150 dollars that is a lifetime membership and you receive discounts, exclusive emails, and countless recipes to accompanying your fitness lifestyle. I'm not a member but have benefitted greatly from their Youtube Videos and Beach Babe DVD (Their 3rd one is rereleased now!!). The combine fun with their Fine Toning Method. Most of their workouts are between 7-20 minutes, easy for the mom on the go. Typically, I'd pair 2 workouts during naptime. They have recently committed to providing a weekly schedule for you.

Whatever it is that you are interested in find a way to make time for it or include your family with you. Often times our family will plan a day to go running together, it makes family time fun and also shows your children that staying fit is important. Many of my friends take their kids on bike rides or have them join in running with them. Also remember that having a healthy lifestyle is a journey and not a goal, one day at a time.

You can read my post on having a healthy lifestyle here.

How do you manage time and parenting with staying healthy and active?

These are all my opinions. Links included were done so to be helpful.

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