Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby Post

So excited for our new little addition to join us! Two more days until 16 weeks and a lovely pic of the bump. Lately I've been
singing the ABC's and the months of the year song.
Also, the Sesame Street song has been in my head for about 4 WEEKS!! But it soothes me, oddly enough.
I don't fit into anything except leggings and jeans! I need to start getting creative, since jeans day is Friday!
I've stopped shopping/browsing online for baby things since most things require a gender to purchase (i.e., bedding, clothing, etc)
I'm beginning to enjoy some protein, hotdogs and sausages, even though they are really not the best. I gotta get my protein from somewhere.
My favorite foods are fruit, veggies, and cereal!!!

My do-not-get-near-me foods
Chicken (still)
Whey Protein

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