Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Birth Plan Update

In case you haven't heard...which you probably haven't...Steven, baby and I are having a home birth! And it is in a tub! Yahoo! So far I've had a majority of support and love, but I will be the first to admit it is a different. Many people have told me the dangers of having a baby. Ahh! Yes, the dangers...how many years have women been having babies? Sorry please excuse my passive aggresivity as this post progresses. Prior to really reading and researching about homebirth I have always wanted to have the freedom to give birth the way that my body feels the need to. I have always REFUSED to lay on my back to make it easier on the doctor. Sorry doc...I'm pushing something out of my hoo-haw, what are you doing. Again I apologize. Okay...so the more research we did, the more we found that having a homebirth is safe, if not safer than having a birth in a hospital. I am working with wonderful midwives that have me on quite a few supplements and diet that will be helpful in insuring a safe homebirth.

Here is my regime:
2 Prenatals
2 Cranberry
2 PB8
1 Dandelion Root (1/2 for every month I'm pregnant)
1 Fish Oil
1 Folic Acid
1 Magnesium
1 Calcium

Grand total:11 (soon to be 12 as I up my dosage of 1 Dandelion to 2)

I also take 1 concentrated cup of Mother's Tea
2 liters of water
80-100 grams of Protein a day (this is where I struggle the most)
And a focus on whole foods (excuse my liking for hotdogs and sausages, I choose Nitrate free)

Anyway I will continue to share more about my love for wanting a homebirth as time progresses. But until then enjoy the movies: The Business of Being Born and Pregnant in America.


  1. okay, you're freaking me out (still too scared to pop a boo outta my vajay)... BUT i totally get the home birth thing. too each her own, anyway, right?

    thanks for sharing about your pregnancy experience on your blog!! i'm so excited for you guys.

  2. I'm so excited for you and Steven and baby geosue (georgesusan). That baby is so blessed to have been given to such fun, sweet, and loving parents as you two!

  3. Miss Hannah! I had a water birth just two months ago : ) Lets chat!!!!! I can give you any tips that may help you in a natural delivery : ) You can totally do it! People think it's something that can't be done anymore but it is so worth it!!!


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