Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Attachment Parenting: My current thoughts

I am beginning to read a bit about Attachment parenting and have found that much of the criticism is due to those who are extremists. The whole idea of attachment parenting is to establish a bond with your child and not be reliant on others to give you advice. "No one knows your baby better than you do," and that is the truth right? It seems that as parents we enter into this competive race that requires us to show off how brilliant our child is due to our parenting skills I guess it actually starts when you get engaged and have to compare your diamond size to others, then its how wonderful your husband is. It kinda sucks. We are all individuals and yes there is great advice out there, but all can be taken with a grain of salt.
Attachment parenting does bring up the topic of extended breast feeding, where most of the controversy begins. I do find it fascinating that the United States is so eager to wean children off of the breast. I do understand that a child who is able to talk is a bit odd to see them breast feeing.  But for a culture so sexualized, I find it so interesting that public breast feeding is still taboo. I'm not taking a stance either way....yet, but it is a very interesting topic. I got quite a bit more to read and am anxious to also read Babywise, which is on the other end of parenting. Its focus is more on making sure the baby has a schedule (which is definitely important)

I will say that attachment parenting does support a healthy marriage and does NOT believe that the child should run the house. Discipline is necessary.

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