Monday, May 7, 2012

She's here! She's here!

Our Lilly Mae is here! Her long awaited arrival was totally worth it. 
Here is a bit of her birth story
 ( I tried not to be too graphic, but it was the most incredible experience of my life, so it is pretty detailed)
For those who aren't aware, we decided to have a home/water birth under the care of our midwives (who are amazing). 
Thursday I really started to notice a difference with my body, I began experiencing cramping (I was already 6 days overdue!!). Thursday came and passed. 
Friday, I woke up with no changes from Thursday. I hated not being able to say that I had at least experienced contractions. 
Everyone was so excited for Lilly to come that I hated to tell them that nothing had happened. I cautiously tried not to pay attention to my body Friday afternoon and really enjoy the last few moments with her in my belly. 
Friday night around 9 I began experiencing some contractions. Very irregular and inconsistent, I was adamant about not timing them. I had waited so long that I didn't want to get my hopes up. 
I let my midwives know and they told me to take a bath and rest. 
When I got into the bath, I felt as though my water broke but there wasn't much ( the midwives said that because Lilly was so low her head may have acted as a plug). 
That night I went to sleep, waking up every so often with mild contractions. 
Then 2:00 hit. I began experiencing regular contractions about 5 minutes a part. I tried to be really quiet because Steven was still sleeping and I wanted him to get as much rest as possible. But they started to get stronger and so did my voice. 
Steven said that I kept apologizing during labor because I thought I was too loud. Heehee!! 
We contacted the midwives at about 3 o'clock and they arrived at 4:30. I was dilated to about a 6.
 Then transition came quickly and my back began to throb! One of the midwives helped rub my back, which helped. I knew that this was when most women call for an epidural, but Lilly and I were strong and Steven did such an incredible job coaching me through each pain.
Then I got into the tub, which helped make me feel much better. I quickly progressed to contractions and pushing. I pushed for about 1 hour and a half. 
This part was easier as I could push through and not just endure the pain like the previous contractions. 
The midwives helped me get into a better position by holding my legs and stretching me. 
I was able to reach and feel her head move forward as I pushed. Unfortunately, it would slip back, as her head was not far enough (this process helps form her head to be able to fit through the birth canal)
At one point they held a mirror so that I could see Lilly's head, that was the most motivating! 
Steven continued to encourage and coach me. He was so excited each time her head crowned. 
I finally got so fed up with not being able to push her out that I just bore down and pushed with everything in me. I went though a contraction, past it and into another until Lilly began to make her way out. I had my hand on her head so when her head made it out I was able to pull her up onto me. 
The umbilical cord was wrapped twice around her, but not choking her. She was able to breath. 
I had to stand a bit so that they could untangle her.
Then she was ours!!!
She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!!
I feel so blessed to have been able to experience this with Steven and have Lilly be with me the whole time. 
Afterwards the midwives showed us her placenta and explained all the fascinating parts of it. I won't share them here, but it really is the neatest thing. We were able to see her home that we created the past 9 months. 
Lilly did get a bruised head from birth and her jaw to be a bit crooked (nothing serious), but the midwives realigned her and gave us cream for her head. 
Today you would have never know that she need that.
Labor Time: 6 hours!!!
No Tearing!!
This has truly been the most incredible experience of my life! 
I would HIGHLY recommend reading, watching, learning about home/water birth as it is such a gift for those whose are healthy and able!!!
Nothing can replace the feeling of being able to lift Lilly Mae into this world and onto my chest!!
Sheer beauty!

Pictures soon!!


  1. Beautiful story! Thank you for posting. So exicited to see pictures soon!!!

    1. Thank you Aunt Susan. We will be posting more pics soon!

  2. Hannah! That sounds so incredible! I love that you powered through; none of doubted that you would. Can't wait to meet her on Thursday. Thanks for sharing :)


    1. Thank you! We can't wait to see you!

  3. "Steven said that I kept apologizing during labor because I thought I was too loud. Heehee!!" <--- Classic Hannah! You are so cute!

    Wow... I CAN'T believe you're a mama! Lilly is beyond blessed to have you guys as her parents.

    Your story has convinced me that if I am ever blessed to get to experience child birth with my own child(ren) I will thoroughly research home water birth. You're a champ and an inspiration, Love!

  4. Tears of happiness! Such a beautiful story Hannah. I am so happy for you and Steven and lucky lucky Lilly Mae to have such a wonderful life to come into. You are going to be the best momma <3 Sending hugs and well wishes (and some sleep) to the whole family.

    1. Thank you Lauren! You are so sweet to say that! I love reading your blog!! Thank you for your encouragement!!

  5. Sara you are going to make a great mama! I can't wait for you to enjoy the bliss of having a baby!! You won't regret researching home birth! Its not for everyone, but it truly is a gift to be able to deliver your own baby!! Hope we will see you soon!


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