Wednesday, May 2, 2012


enjoying...The Happiness Project! I love this book. Started it yesterday and I'm already at page 75. It is similar to Eat, Pray, Love. I love stories that tell about someone's adventure to find themselves. Perhaps one day I will write my own. I will definitely have a happiness project post next month or so.

dreaming....of my little Lilly Mae making her debut. Its been really hard to wait and wait patiently. I've tried really hard this pregnancy to enjoy it all...but its hard to wait when everyone is so excited. The people pleaser in me feels like a failure. But tomorrow is National Prayer Day and I'd love for her to share her birthday with such a blessed day!

obsessed things and frozen Craisins.

listening to...Bravo TV. I guessed I'm obsessed with that to.

working on...patience and reading. organizing and cleaning array of emotions (in order of the day): happy, energized, strong, stressed, overwhelmed, calm, happy, strong, calm, encouraged, loved...

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