Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer List

I was very inspired by Delighfully Tacky's summer list and 2Floralfinches' that I decided to create my own, despite my resistance due to known failure. I'm doing it anyway
Here is what I have so far
1. Take a picture every day
2. Video Lilly at least once a week
3. Blog 5x a week
4. Read, Read, Read
5. Read my bible
6. Find a mommy group
7. Make play dates 1x a week
8. Call two friends each week
9. Make Steven a nice note/treat every day
10. Do something nice for someone 1x a month
11. Keep the house clean (I will be making a separate list for this one)
12. Simplify
13. Run/Workout 5x a week
14. Run 10 miles this summer
15. Find a church
16. Spend more time with my sister
17. Sew something for Lilly
18. Find a hobby that will make money
19. Learn to knit/crochet
20. Celebrate each day
21. Laugh and smile intentionally
22. Find a mentor
23. Mentor someone (if anyone wants me)
24. Go on a picnic
25. Go on a bike ride
26. Do something as a family 1x a month
27. Have a BBQ
28. Journal every day
29. Work on not holding grudges
30. Practice grace

I'm sure I will add more and I definitely need to print this out. I had to write how many times a week or month to keep me focus.

Enjoy this random picture:

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